Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interview, Chat and Contest with Author P.C. Cast

Interview, Chat and Contest with Author P.C. Cast

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Yah I am baaaaack!!

OK hoping this works.... blogging and commenting have been very uncooperative lately and I am hoping the troubles are over......

K What is new? Well..... hockey season has started. My boys in Blue the Buffalo Sabres are doing really well so far, and they seem to have it in gear to make a good run for it so far.... I know it is early but I feel like this is the turn around we need to go and make it to the show. Sorry that we are missing Max.... he has always been a fave here at my house.
Hockeystars team has not done as well. With a bunch of people missing right off the get go for various reasons, broken thumb, got to go race my car cause I am the greatest so I need to let my team down, (ooops didnt mean to sound snitty), getting kicked out cause I cant keep my temper... yeah stuff like that.... problem is that it has been defensemen that have been doing this and that leaves a big hole.... add to that one goalie quit cause they didnt like the add on costs... and dont even let me get started there... LOL So they are struggling and it shows but there is some promise and I hope the coaching staff can bring it out of them.

Health issues have also been a problem.... where to start, shoulder still aching, knee randomly swells and cant put weight on it, foot still has returning tendon probs with random bumps on top of foot which may or may not be tendon flair up, battling a major cold and last but not least something alike a chemical burn on my armpits by using a new deodorant that keeps flairing back up... no the deodorant is gone but still hurts and itches like heck.

Reading is my life beyond my sons sports and this week was a major high.... Last Thurs. Author Colleen Gleason visited my town, (just ask.... I did and she came). Her Mom and her came up from Michigan and spent a couple of hours at the library. The local bookstore brought her books for sale and they sold a good lot of them. It was pretty informal and we just sat there and talked for the whole time. Random people stopped, sat and joined the conversation but it was really fun and interesting. PLus I got some great pressies..... LOL Then after Colleen, her Mom and I went to the local coffee shop and had some tea lattes and talked for a while longer. It was soooooo awesome to meet her and she was soooooo great and sweet. I got hugs from both, Colleen said thanks for inviting her and reading her books and her Mom said thanks for supporting my daughter. Wow.... such great women. I hope to catch up with them soon.

Now just a little blurb.... as most of you know I am a reviewer for Bitten By Books and am right now playing with my 150th review since I joined at the end of April. I do not know what I would do without these great women (and a couple of guys) in my life. This month between Rachel moving she has been heading up the hosting of the 31 days of Dark Delights.... go and check out the cool contests daily and the great authors hosting some fantastic events


Thanks for now and hopefully I will be able to get this site working with me instead of against me.... LOL