Monday, August 24, 2009

Week of Woe is Me

Hey peeps.... I hope your week has gone better than mine.... Sitting here right now with ice back on my shoulder in what is probably going to be a lifer problem according to the doc. So what to do when job I have been at for 4 years that lets me have time off for every hockey game is cutting hours, put a pay freeze on (which I earned the highest avail 4%) so I don't get my raise and I feel like crap everytime I am there cause I am either of pain killers while at work or when I get home. Now my comp claim is pretty much over, no more physio, no more massages.... and the pain still there after 8 months.
So what else is new in the life of the hockeyvamp.... well been musing over several things this past while and need to re evaluate some stuff.... good thing I won a reading by Tarot by Arwen last week on twitter... hoping to pick some good questions to ask her.
Books books books...... my addiction.... hubs asked me last night if I really needed this many books which is prob over 1500 now... and honestly I said yes... no questions but yes...... I am finally diving into the box o books for reviews, have I said I loved my reviewing job.... BBB is great....~~~~~!! And I managed to sneak in one other new release before I got some perplexing news.
And finally..... hockey hockey hockey..... HockeyStar started hockey camp last week. This young man rarely says anything bad about his coaches or assistants that help them.... Last week at hockey camp another former NHL player from the Detroit Red Wings stepped on the ice to help with the camp....... this guy was in my opinion an idiot.... he was rude to the kids, kept on giving them slaps upside the head and prompted his kid and his friend to start a fight with another former NHLer's kid on the ice. My son had to step in when his friend went to his knees to stop himself from hitting back and the other kid Bertuzzied him in the back of the head.... he just grabbed him and gave him a shove back and I was so proud. When he got off the ice the guys were both signing autographs for the kids.... I asked him if he wanted one, his comment was no I have Todd's and the other guy was an ***hole and his kid was a fricken idiot..... Not usually words that come out of his mouth except when fighting his own brothers I was amazed but secretly I thought the same thing. Of course I told him to watch the language but if the shoe fits.... Maybe this is another reason to add to the I hate on the RedWings tourbus I ride on... LOL
Although I must say that Todd, the other former RedWing is a great guy, who when I was in grade 4 I had a crush on since he was my playday leader when he was in grade eight. But I will never tell him that... LOL So hockey tryouts are now in full swing after a messed up weekend finding the coach that was assigned fired, dismissed or whatever they did to him. Now new coaches, another former NHLer (not RedWings I think) but if he does make the cut I have to find money by next week to allow him to play. This is different from the last time he played for this team and I am not prepared with that kinda cash.... any ideas....$$ I thought of selling some books but unless I do a buy it now not gonna get the cash asap plus they hold it for so long before releasing it back to my account..... anyway......
The last thing I am going to say is Yeah Back to School next Monday!!!! My HockeyStar gets the teacher he wants.... LOL get this... he was almost a RedWing but blew his knee out during tryouts.... LOL I am surrounded by the Red and White.... and the Camper Boy gets a new to us teacher so we will see how that works out. RugbyGuy is getting ready for football.... he will be a senior this year, last year I guess he was too but he sat out all but 5 min of the final game with a broken collarbone injury which still includes a 3 inch titanium plate and 8 big honking screws to hold it together.

Well off for now...... oooops forgot to tell you.... I am gearing up for a little contest to get my blog rolling. I will be back later in Sept with the details but you need to follow now and bring friends to follow to get bonus points before you start. Please leave comments and follow me on twitter too... thanks Shell

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dancin on the Bed

Yep that was the site this afternoon when I finally got my first box of print books for review.... on the same day that I submitted my 100th review... so whooot whooot I am over the hump and ready to attack them at full force. Now not only am I listening to a cd version of a favorite authors newest book release which is surprisingly really great.... although I do get distracted.... but since I spent the bucks and bought the hard cover of this one last week too I can check on it if I miss something. As this is my first attempt at a cd version I hope I can do it justice.

Now the turmoil I have been going through this week has dulled to a calm. I cannot forsee the problem ever going away without a major facelift but for now I am OK..... not good but OK>Those of you who follow on twitter know that I have been having a few bad days at home here. Speaking of twitter, tweet deck has become my compulsion..... the friends I have met on twitter are really great and I appreciate getting followed back. A convo I had there this week included the lack of people following you back. If you take the time to follow and they comunicate with you on a regular basis it would be really nice to have been followed back. I understand those that do not autofollow but when you spend night after night in convo with a person it makes you feel bad when you have to ask for them to follow you so you can send them a DM. I just hope that those that I do follow do not ever take that against me and block me.... Please do not block me..... I get upset and cry and make a mess of my mascara..... LOL

Now I am going to sign off for the night.... listen to some more BMR and decide what I am going to do tomorrow while waiting for HockeyStar at hockeycamp. I have a full day to waste.... of course I will be reading but not sure at what to read.... take the laptop where the battery dies after an hour or two or take the manuscript that I have to review or maybe one of the arcs..... LOL yep thank you BBB for letting me get my fix of fantastic books by reviewing for you...... talk later.... as always please leave comments, send a friend and follow.... :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

HI HO HI HO Its off to TO I GO

Hi everyone.... this will probably not entail all the details of my recent excursion the the GTA but here is a glimpse of my mini vacay....
Sunday morning I hopped in the SUV and headed out of town..... unfortunately I had a couple of sidetracks and ended up an hour after I wanted to leave I was on my way.... The weather was gorgeous, sunroof open and all the windows down I flew down the 402 and 401 to Toronto to stay at my sister in laws. Getting on the phone Sunday night from there arrangements were made for a few get togethers that promised to be great. Then off to Walmart cause I forgot the basics, BO, mascara, nail polish. Settling down for the night we watched an amazing lightning show that I was told was the biggest in decades in the GTA.... on the 15th floor the view was fantastic and watching the purple streaks that were somehow horizontal then orange the next then even a pinky colour showed us the awesomeness of Gods gifts and powers. This kinda distracted me from the fact that HBO wasn't a channel available in the condo satelite package so I missed True Blood ( NOTE I watched it last night and whew.... is Eric getting sexier every episode or what?)
Monday morning I bright and early I headed down the 404 to Newmarket to get my hair done by the person who was most like a sister to me growing up... We have kinda kept in contact but just passing comments once in a blue moon and it had been about 18 or so years since we had seen each other........ We had a great chat and I left 3 hours later with some very disheartening revelations and purple foils in my hair.... not the crappy stuff that I had before just on the back this is full streaks of dark fusia/purple throughout... I love it!!!!! And I vow that I will stand by my friend, blood or not, to help in any way I can and that we will contact each other some how at least once a week.... I love this resolution and this is one I plan on keeping.
So now back to Tdot and a quick sandwich then I had to get ready for my big tweetup..... the reason I drove 4 hours.... To go to the booksigning in Oshawa, another hour drive in rush hour traffic, to meet and greet Sherrilyn Kenyon!! Yep that and to meet some other friends that I have met online.... Karen Dales, who gratiously drove us from Toronto to Oshawa, author of Angel of Death: Book One the Chosen.... if you haven't read it yet... please do so and check out my review over at Bitten By Books....Then I was to meet Oshawa's own Leah Braemel, who has two very sexy ebooks out right now, Personal Protection and Private Property, the first which will be out in print by Samhain publishing in March. While there before we even got to the signing Leah stumbled across another Samhain writer Anara Belle whom had comments about the abundance of Twilight promotional items sold at the Chapters store.
We were just glad it came to pass because of the storm I already told you about Sherrilyn's flight had been cancelled but she and her cohorts managed to get into town that morning as to not dissapoint any fans.....
When it came time to have the big signing commence we were treated to an added surprise of Dianna Love making the trek to the north with Sherrilyn and acting as MC for the night. Sherrilyn was sooooooooooooooooooo funny and entertaining and Dianna was her perfect compliment. I can see why they write so well together. Their humor was evident in every response from Sherry and Dianna's sometimes sarcastic remarks made the evening speed along. I even got to ask a couple questions in the Q & A session.... Her thoughts on the Twitter fiasco and whether she ever thought of coming out with a line of Tabby Lingerie? To the first I cannot repeat.... LOL and to the second it seems that if she veered to the designing of lingerie then we would not get to have her concentrate on the writing...... general thoughts of the crowd were hire a designer and keep writing. In no time we were in the line to have our books signed.... at that time, after the store had closed, they said no more than 3 items. As I had 5 things I wanted to get signed I was able to hand one off to Karen and asked Sherrilyn if she could do an extra..... not only did it get done but Dianna came over and wrote on one full side of the PB leaving just a small space on the facing side for Sherrilyn. I also had given her two book thongs. No I didn't give her the one that caused Ash to bite me... the dots are still on my hand BTW. One of Bad Moon Rising and the other of Bitten By Books..... She loved them and told me that she loves Bitten By Books and that just made my night.... :) I also got an Ash magna pin because I was one of the people who came the farthest .... one couple were from Edmonton, but they had been in Montreal for something else and decided to take a drive.... about the same as me, another was from the east coast but she had been there visiting and just decided to come so again meh not as dedicated as moi.... lol Oh yeah I also met Angela Patel another twitter friend.... she walked by and I spoke out hey Angela.... I was glad I was right and it was her.... she made Karens night too by purchasing a copy of her book.... I know she will enjoy it....
After a long day and so much excitement it was time to head home the next morning.... As I tossed all my stuff in the SUV my brother in law and I found a ticket on my car..... In all the excitement the day before I had forgotten to throw my permit back on the dash and in the dark they didn't see it sitting there on the seat...Hoping it is taken care of my BIL was going in to the office to take care of it...
While everything was back on track to head home I managed to make arrangements to have one last tweetup on the way home. JK Coi took time from her busy day to come and meet me for a beverage at the local Chapters nearest her. I was a bit early and managed to find 9 more books before she got there... LOL Then even though it had been her birthday last week I got the pressie when I got another really awesome autographed book to add to the AW (Autograph Wall). We had a nice time talking about things and plan on meeting up again hopefully soon if hockey goes the way we would like this year.
So I guess I better get on with my night... it has been really busy since I returned and next week I will be sitting in a vehicle reading while my son has hockey school. Talk later, and please drop me a comment and send over a friend to follow.... let me know what is going on with your life and what you think of when you have a chance to meet someone that you admire and are a fangurl or guy with. Thanks for viewing.... :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry I forgot

Last night while in the twitter world I found out about the destruction of the Louisville Kentucky Free Library by flooding. The entire lower level of the structure was flooded including several mobile libraries in the basement parking lot. There are several efforts going to help in the replacement of the books lost but Shiloh Walker is heading up one that I wanted to pass along to you. As I am in Canada the shipping of books is cost prohibitive to me and right now I have nothing monitary that I can donate. But I would like to help by getting the word out there. Shiloh and here friend have gratiously donated their time in accepting any donations of new or like new books to be held until the library can accept them. Anyone who can help please go to this link and let them know what you can do to help. Anything would be gratiously accepted. Thanks on behalf of all the people involved in the restocking of the bookshelves in the LKFL.


Lucky in some unlucky in others......

Hey everyone.... sorry it has been a while but I have compressed a lot in the last month. Half of my family, hubs and 2 youngest,Camper Boy and Hockey Star took off camping for 2 weeks. I never go anymore... why do you ask? Well last time I went 5 years ago... we were up near Sault St Marie Ontario and went into town for the day... we got back and were told that the wardens had gone through our stuff and had set a trap up in the next site... for what??? Full grown male black bear...Needless to say I didn't sleep at all for the next 4 days that we were there.... the next summer I backed out do to work and have been doing so ever and wild animals do not mix.... Unless we are talking shifters and then bring them on!!! But that is another story... To get back to the camping thing. This year they again went to upper Ontario, Elliott Lake. They use tents now, no hydro and usually where they pick no cell reception. And guess what ... they call to tell me they went to a yardsale... IN TOWN and a large black bear decided to check out the goodies too while they were there..... Nope.... no "Camping" for me anytime soon... LOL
So while they were gone Aeropostle Boy and Zamboni Man were the only two home. Man it was soooo cool to have quiet for 2 weeks.... AB was never home and ZM was working quite a bit. So what did I do since I didn't work on updating the blog....

I read.... submitted 30 reviews this month and personal reads of many of the books sitting and staring at me.... Thank you Angie Fox, the Biker Chicks are wonderful, Colette Gale... the tale of Maid Marion has never been so stimulating, Rachel Vincent.... wow I still get tears in my eyes when I look at the Prey book sitting on the shelf and JRWard... I never thought I would feel anything for the Reverend but once again you proved me wrong.... I cannot think of who else fit in there right now but needless to say it kept me quite busy all month.

And now today I had another adventure.... I have begun tweeking my former business of making italian bracelet links, since the fad is pretty much done, and am now making custom book thongs for my author friends. I started out withBitten By Books as a fundraiser (they are on ebay now--go buy one) and a test few of authors that I had won a book or contest from them recently and sent a few out. I am hoping that maybe someone would like to purchase some for giveaways or personal use to make a bit to supplement my book fetish. Anyway, to make these I have a tedious job of gluing then enamelling the charms and to hold them down flat I pin them down. Well today I fell while getting out of my bedroom. Put my hand down very hard and came up with two pins and an Acheron bead imbedded in my hand. The marks are still there.... I am gonna tell everyone they are fang marks... LOL Anyway after trip to emerg tonight I now found out that I did not imbed it into a vein as I thought, it took 10 min to stop bleeding, I punctured the tendon. So now left shoulder still hurting, they now think it is like tendonitus plus degenerative disease and left hand has bruised and punctured tendon. Nice..... so now when I go to get Sherrilyn Kenyon to sign my book next week I have a story to give her along with the book thong. Good thing about it is the drugs are good and I can take both the shoulder meds and hand meds at same time.... lol

So what else is new? Not a lot... my life is books and my hurting myself is about all there is.... Hockey tryouts for HS start next week plus he has hockey school so I will be sitting in a parking lot reading then... for my wants list I am getting really antsy about getting my hands on the next Shiloh Walker Hunters book. This series is one of my faves and I highly recommend it to anyone.... Hunters Edge is my fave so far but from the excerpts that I have been reading on Twitter Hunters Need will be amazing too.... I will keep you updated but alas it is not releasing till December.... but keep up the buzz and keep it on your radar. I am also anxciously awaiting my copy of Demon Inside by Stacia Kane.... can't wait to dig in there too... It will keep me busy for a day or two while I count off the days till I can get my Hunter fix... LOL

Anyway I better sign off.....please leave a comment... I would love to hear what you think... and send some friends to follow.... thanks for your time....

Shell the Hockeyvampiress