Monday, August 24, 2009

Week of Woe is Me

Hey peeps.... I hope your week has gone better than mine.... Sitting here right now with ice back on my shoulder in what is probably going to be a lifer problem according to the doc. So what to do when job I have been at for 4 years that lets me have time off for every hockey game is cutting hours, put a pay freeze on (which I earned the highest avail 4%) so I don't get my raise and I feel like crap everytime I am there cause I am either of pain killers while at work or when I get home. Now my comp claim is pretty much over, no more physio, no more massages.... and the pain still there after 8 months.
So what else is new in the life of the hockeyvamp.... well been musing over several things this past while and need to re evaluate some stuff.... good thing I won a reading by Tarot by Arwen last week on twitter... hoping to pick some good questions to ask her.
Books books books...... my addiction.... hubs asked me last night if I really needed this many books which is prob over 1500 now... and honestly I said yes... no questions but yes...... I am finally diving into the box o books for reviews, have I said I loved my reviewing job.... BBB is great....~~~~~!! And I managed to sneak in one other new release before I got some perplexing news.
And finally..... hockey hockey hockey..... HockeyStar started hockey camp last week. This young man rarely says anything bad about his coaches or assistants that help them.... Last week at hockey camp another former NHL player from the Detroit Red Wings stepped on the ice to help with the camp....... this guy was in my opinion an idiot.... he was rude to the kids, kept on giving them slaps upside the head and prompted his kid and his friend to start a fight with another former NHLer's kid on the ice. My son had to step in when his friend went to his knees to stop himself from hitting back and the other kid Bertuzzied him in the back of the head.... he just grabbed him and gave him a shove back and I was so proud. When he got off the ice the guys were both signing autographs for the kids.... I asked him if he wanted one, his comment was no I have Todd's and the other guy was an ***hole and his kid was a fricken idiot..... Not usually words that come out of his mouth except when fighting his own brothers I was amazed but secretly I thought the same thing. Of course I told him to watch the language but if the shoe fits.... Maybe this is another reason to add to the I hate on the RedWings tourbus I ride on... LOL
Although I must say that Todd, the other former RedWing is a great guy, who when I was in grade 4 I had a crush on since he was my playday leader when he was in grade eight. But I will never tell him that... LOL So hockey tryouts are now in full swing after a messed up weekend finding the coach that was assigned fired, dismissed or whatever they did to him. Now new coaches, another former NHLer (not RedWings I think) but if he does make the cut I have to find money by next week to allow him to play. This is different from the last time he played for this team and I am not prepared with that kinda cash.... any ideas....$$ I thought of selling some books but unless I do a buy it now not gonna get the cash asap plus they hold it for so long before releasing it back to my account..... anyway......
The last thing I am going to say is Yeah Back to School next Monday!!!! My HockeyStar gets the teacher he wants.... LOL get this... he was almost a RedWing but blew his knee out during tryouts.... LOL I am surrounded by the Red and White.... and the Camper Boy gets a new to us teacher so we will see how that works out. RugbyGuy is getting ready for football.... he will be a senior this year, last year I guess he was too but he sat out all but 5 min of the final game with a broken collarbone injury which still includes a 3 inch titanium plate and 8 big honking screws to hold it together.

Well off for now...... oooops forgot to tell you.... I am gearing up for a little contest to get my blog rolling. I will be back later in Sept with the details but you need to follow now and bring friends to follow to get bonus points before you start. Please leave comments and follow me on twitter too... thanks Shell

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  1. Ugh, sorry to hear about your shoulder.

    And good on Hockey Star for standing up to that ... yeah, I censored myself, but your son said it best anyway.

    Looking forward to see what contest you've got dreamed up.