Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dancin on the Bed

Yep that was the site this afternoon when I finally got my first box of print books for review.... on the same day that I submitted my 100th review... so whooot whooot I am over the hump and ready to attack them at full force. Now not only am I listening to a cd version of a favorite authors newest book release which is surprisingly really great.... although I do get distracted.... but since I spent the bucks and bought the hard cover of this one last week too I can check on it if I miss something. As this is my first attempt at a cd version I hope I can do it justice.

Now the turmoil I have been going through this week has dulled to a calm. I cannot forsee the problem ever going away without a major facelift but for now I am OK..... not good but OK>Those of you who follow on twitter know that I have been having a few bad days at home here. Speaking of twitter, tweet deck has become my compulsion..... the friends I have met on twitter are really great and I appreciate getting followed back. A convo I had there this week included the lack of people following you back. If you take the time to follow and they comunicate with you on a regular basis it would be really nice to have been followed back. I understand those that do not autofollow but when you spend night after night in convo with a person it makes you feel bad when you have to ask for them to follow you so you can send them a DM. I just hope that those that I do follow do not ever take that against me and block me.... Please do not block me..... I get upset and cry and make a mess of my mascara..... LOL

Now I am going to sign off for the night.... listen to some more BMR and decide what I am going to do tomorrow while waiting for HockeyStar at hockeycamp. I have a full day to waste.... of course I will be reading but not sure at what to read.... take the laptop where the battery dies after an hour or two or take the manuscript that I have to review or maybe one of the arcs..... LOL yep thank you BBB for letting me get my fix of fantastic books by reviewing for you...... talk later.... as always please leave comments, send a friend and follow.... :)


  1. Hi :)
    Wow - a box of books to read.
    I'd be like a little kid on Christmas morning.
    I feel as you do about the FollowBack situation.
    I made a rule for myself. If, in 60 days, I have never been replied to, (or FollowedBack obviously) I unFollow that person. This is basically for the singers, bands, celebs, etc.
    Also if someone with 8000 people Following them can put me in the 100 people they Follow back, I don't see how a person with 1000 people can't Follow me back either. It irks me.
    Good wishes to your HockeyStar at Hockeycamp.

  2. Sounds like you had an early christmas.

    I do get annoyed with the follow back thing. I usually do what Judy does -- I unfollow them I only wait 30 days or so.

    Happy reading to you.