Saturday, May 30, 2009

OK last and final day Sunday to enter to win the Kindle 2 from Ethan and Christine Rose

And Bitten By Books

And now I just have a short message for the day. READ YOUR EMAILS properly!!! I mad the mistake of only seeing what I thought was there and pissed someone off. I try not to piss people off but in this case I overstepped my bounds and maybe my welcome. If I truly offend PLZ let me know and I will make it right.... sorry stopping to take deep breath and stop trickling liquid from my eye. I have not had so much fun and made so many friends in like EVER than this last month. I also have had too many lows that the giddyness I get from the highs make me come off as a showoff etc. Believe me I am not..... I love to read and I love contests..... I have a need to win as I was never allowed to compete in anything as a child, never allowed to do so many things others in my family were allowed to do. Instead I was the one who only had one friend at a time.... and when that friend moved on they always did, I usually found another. I haven't hung out with someone or had a girls night out in over 3 years and before that maybe another 6 or 7. Sorry waterworks are flowing now and I can't stop typing even though I can't see the keys or the page...... I have wandered from my initial intentions with this blog..... What I want to say is thank you for those who have friended me and I hope you understand when I rant or vent a bit about fairness and squuuuuueeeeee when I win something..... Books.... Books are good!!! Tell me to calm down.... I will leak a bit of salty water but I will be back tomorrow.... I have lived that way all my life why stop now!?

I better go now.... thanks for stopping by and listening to my sob story. Leave comments if you visit and thanks again..... Shell

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just stopping by to say Hey

Not much to say today but want everyone to continue to check out and enter the WWYD4AK2 contest by bitten by books and Rowan of the Wood authors Christine and Ethan Rose....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whats fair is fair right??

OK not too much to go on today but want to talk a bit about the rugby finals my 16 yo played in Sunday night. They dominated the other team which was undefeated, out played them and actually out scored them....why then did they loose??
Well there is one major factor.... they had an ace in th hole. We scored 2 tries that were counted, they scored 3 that were counted..... actual tries scored were us 4 them 2.....
They had one try that was counted as good.... in rugby unlike football you must place the ball anywhere in the end zone... emphasis on place. The kid threw the ball and my son kicked it up then covered it before it touched the ground. NOT a try our ball.... um not according to the powers that be.... 2 of our tries were placed down and in while in a maul. Both times he gave the other team the ball and said we were not in the end. 2 other times we were within 4 feet and he whistled it and gave them the ball. Unfortuantely we had already lost possession of the ball and because of the rules of a maul we should have gotten the ball back.
Now to speak of the ace in their hole..... the ref was a teacher, and rugby coach for said school. Nothing like bringing in a ringer..... I had my sons friends record the entire game and within 5 min there was double digit fouls on the other team not called. At one point right in front of the ref one kid got kicked in the face and another bitch slapped open handed..... there were as my son liked to say too many ball grabbers....LOL enough to say that the game was a farce. They had no chance in any way shape or form.
To make matters worse the boys still do not get to go to OFFSSA which is provincial finals because the teacher who is in charge doesn't want to waste her time and told the boys they were not worth it. Nice teacher eh??? They pick them really good here.

In other events I am just reading and writing, reviews not my book, and not much else. Go to bitten by books and check out todays fun event with Mark Henry the vlog is hilarious

And I have sent several OK 4 videos for the Bitten By Books / Rowan of the Wood Kindle 2 contest.....

Thanks to Diane and Tanya for their help and BTW... I got a cramp in my leg so I had some trouble getting up on the counter...... LOL

Anyway I will be back.... let me know what I can do to make you enjoy this blog more.... tell a friend... Oh and vote on the best paranormal series while you are at BBB

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair hair hair

I forgot to add that my hair today for the vid in the store was compliments of my sons.... I was giving it a trim today and asked my 16 yo to even it across the back and take an inch off.... he cuts and hands me a 6 inch piece.... as I am screaming..... LOL then he tried to even it off and it ends up about 7 inches shorter all together.... that is after my 12 yo had to come even it off yet again to make it actually even.... that and the fact that the red is washing out and now it looks like a pinky salmon..... UUuggg
Thank you that after the boys play rugby tomorrow I can go back to the blonde with purple (that is the opposing teams colours) her is their chant.... check out my boys!!!


What Would You Do For a Kindle Two?

Hi everyone.... Shell here.... been a busy week trying to get loads of stuff done....Not getting much accomplished but anyway.

First if you have not been to the Bitten By Books Birthday Bash you are an ijiot.....GO NOW..... so many fun events everyday you will not be dissapointed....except me... still want a tote bag!!! Hint hint if anyone is reading that draws the names. LOL
The major event right now is the kindle 2 video event. Well you do not have to make a video but I have done 3 now..... I really want the sucka.... the latest is as we speak loading on youtube. Here are the links....

This is me dancing on the counter after buying a box of Count Chocula.....

This is the event at Bitten By Books
You can leave a comment and still get in the draw.....

And here are some other events Interview and fun with Mark Henry

Now for some other news. I recently made a cyber friend and luckily ended up reviewing her soon to be released debut novel..... Not giving my review or anything away but It was Fricken Awesome... and there is the slight possibilty that my review may find its way on to the cover of her novel..... SWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!
Check the info out here for Karen Dales book Angel of Death : Book One the Chosen....

Well hockey is not going the way I want so I am blocking that thought from my mind....although Chicago did pull off a win the other night.... still hope??

I will be screaming at the rugby finals with my 16 yo playing winger. He will prob play the whole game and we will hopefully get a win.... If not we have a fight on our hands.... The boys qualified with their semi final win for the AAA finals. The teacher that is in charge told them that if they don't win tomorrow they are not allowed to go to the AAA finals even though they are qualified. She has been nothing but a wet towel all year. The coach of the team we are playing tomorrow is also a "good friend" of hers and her coach so I am wondering where her loyalty lies. It is certainly not with these boys who have battled through a rough season only to have her throw in the towel early. I hate when the teachers have their own agenda and it does not include the feelings or welfare of the students she is supposed to be teaching. What does that teach someone to sell them out at this point.

Well I am going to sign off and make some bookmarks..... reading The Immortal Hunter by Lynsay Sands and it is wonderful and fun like the rest of the Argeneau series and then for review I have the new Nina Bangs book Eternal Craving.... another hit!!!

Bye for now and to my American friends please have a safe and happy holiday...... :)

Shell the Hockeyvampiress

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello to everyone on the day after May two-four

Hey everyone....been a busy few days and today will be no exception.... First and very important.... GO TO YOUR BOOKSTORE AND BUY BAD TO THE BONE TODAY!! Yep the awaited Jeri Smith-Ready sequel to Wicked Game is on your bookshelves today. Please let me know what you think. Jeri is a really nice person and as a member of her street team I would love to give her feedback. Plus the book is killer too..... And you MUST meet Dexter....he is the ultimate vampire animal!!! GGRRRRRRR!!!

Now some other exciting news from over this long weekend here in Canada. I am honored to be getting quoted from one of my recent reviews on the book itself of an up and coming Canadian author in the paranormal. The book is fantastic, very mature and very very excellent!!! The book is from Karen Dales and it is called Angel of Death: Book 1 of the Chosen. Coming out
June 8 2009. Anyone interested in going to her book launch on July 5 let me know and I can get you the deets plus there is a book signing on June 13 if you are in the Toronto area. Wow I am so excited..... I read all the time and just recently took the plunge to start officially reviewing books for Bitten By Books and am having the time of my life.....

Hockey update.....well we gave them the first game each in the conference series' but gonna kick it into high gear starting tonight.....

Well today I am off to check out if Jeri's books made it to my local store and take pics.... then off to rugby.... the boys and I may be doing a video for WWYD4AK2 contest by Christine and Ethan Rose and Bitten By Books..... TTYL

Biker Witch Birthday Bash! We are 1 Today!

Biker Witch Birthday Bash! We are 1 Today!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16 What a good day for......

OK sooooo many things have happened in my life on this day in the past. I guess I must say that the year that it affected my life the most was 22 years ago today I was married just down the street from where I have lived since that day. Yes I am still with hubby......although many days I wonder why? LOL but in any case still sticking in there. Even though that day may have never come to pass if my cousin had gotten his wish. My fave cousin who is no longer with us, came down to the basement of the church where I was waiting to go up with my Dad..... he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me to the doors saying that we had to get out of there. He wanted to help me escape. MMMMmmmmm???? maybe should have listened and let him pull a little harder. Well I guess it is neither here nor there cause I am still exactly where I was back then in a crummy house that I hate which now boasts the neighbour from hell and still working a menial retail job.
So what else happened to me on this day in history besides my walk..... well it is also my Uncles birthday and the day his wife my special Aunt passed away, the same anniversary as the couple who I grew up across the street for and helped out with so many things in my life, and this year it is the big 125 anniversary of my highschool which I still live within 50 ft. of.
I was in the 100th graduating class so I guess it should have been a big deal but I went over looked around and nothing seemed to have changed much. Even some of the teachers were still there.... the "DECADES" room for my generation was a farce. The person in charge is a very in your face I am perfect kinda person and she graduated at the end of the decade. Well anyone who graduated in the first 8 years of the 80's was not even displayed, I guess because no one stepped up to donate....well I could have filled the room myself with more memorbillia than she had all together. I guess maybe they should have put someone else in charge that could co-operate with others instead of giving orders and maybe there would have been more things donated for display. LOL

So the rest of my day was spent driving my son to his girlfriends for a party and doing some shopping and going out to dinner. Nothing spectacular but I did manage to find a second hand store and got a bag O books..... I love my books..... Speaking of that I am signing off to read a bit and finish a couple of reviews before hubby comes upstairs to bug me..... no hockey today. Gotta wait until tomorrow to here me rant, or not if Chicago wins!! :) TTYL

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey Everyone..... well day 2 in my new blog world has had its ups and downs already.....

Number one..... OK where were the hockey Gods and Goddess' this week. Like come on.....I really am hating on this years match ups for the semis's. Like do we have to see the Dead Wings one more time go to the final..... last year they couldn't even sell out the arena during the post season.!!! And I will not go there talking about the CryBaby and his pretty boys in baby blue???!!! Enough said that their third jersey is a sissy girly colour that is only worn by men under the age of 3 . I guess my only hope for a best senario is for Chicago to go on.... would have liked to see Boston and Chicago, although not a fan of either the only thing I do not like about them is that for Boston anyway their anouncers are extremely annoying!!! Chicago I can live with winning..... PAtrick Kane is a native of Buffalo, my fave team, and Brian Campbell used to play for them and grew up a half hour from me. He also plays summer ball with a friend of mine so yeah Go Chicago!!! The other thing that would let me vote for them is that they are the fave team of my friend Leon.... he has the connections that are going to get my son to the big show.... or at least to the opening act in about 5 or 6 years........ Go Border City Bandits........!!!!

Now on to what else is going on today in my little piece of the world. I have been to physio, been to the Doc and had a cortezone injection in my shoulder and am now relaxing until I have to go to work this afternoon and then take my son to work at 11 pm tonight..... so in the meantime I will be reviewing a couple of books and checking in on one of my fave authors interviews today. Bitten By Books has turned 1 year old this May and I am a new reviewer for this site. My first review was up for the lauded 1000 review to be posted but I ended up in 4th or 5th in the end after some amazing authors. Mine was an anthology by Elora's Cave and was quite hot!!! It will be posted sometime soon I hope.
Anyway today is an extra special day for me at Bitten By Books..... the Author interview of the day is Jeri Smith-Ready and I had the honour of reviewing her first "series" of books. The Crow series by Jeri is an awesome read and everyone who loves a great "story" needs to read the series. My reviews of the three books are now my first live reviews to be posted to Bitten By Books and the fact that I hope a lot of people will be reading them today is fantastic.!! I hope everyone can stop by and enter the contest and leave comments for the prizes and also on my reviews. The better the feedback the more confident I will be at continuing to write my own work in progress.
Check out the contest and the reviews here!!!

Oh yeah did I tell you that Dexter the vampire dog is going to be there with Jeri today and so is Antoine!!

And finally here are my reviews

Thanks for stopping by and listening...... luv ya!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow I am really blogging!!

Well Hello everyone who may come across my first blog...... Wow where to start?? How about I tell you a little bit about myself.....

Mom of 4 boys and one angel.....
Love paranormal book reading.....
Love hockey and watching my sons sports.....
and??? I am a new reviewer for Bitten By Books an amazing site with soooo much paranormal book information and cool contests too...

I guess I want to say what is on my mind today. Well since my fave Buffalo Sabres didn't make it into the playoffs I have had to switch teams to cheer for someone new this playoff season. Well as of last night both the teams I wanted to go to the finals are out.... and 2 of the teams I very much dislike are still in and I am praying to the heavens that they are not the final two...again this year...!!! Yes I do have faves, have those I don't mind but there are 4 teams I hate with a passion..... the Pens, the Sens, the Devs and Detroit. Sorry nothing will ever make me change.... the reasoning is lengthy and maybe not sound but it works for me. I do not like the little crybaby who everyone thinks is all that..... there are others just as good if not better OMO but I can't stand the people who just fawn over him..... and yes I have seen him play in person during the fabulous first ever Winter Classic that everything was perfect except for the score and the little dweeb who scored it..... As for the other teams I just don't like them.... nuf said, they may have had players that I have not liked their way of play and that is why I dislike them but any way I still do..... hey I am a hockey mom I am very opinionated in regards to my hockey!!!

Now todays sport wasn't hockey it was rugby. I am just learning this sport but am getting into it..... or would have been today if not for gale force winds and torrential downpours that stopped about 45 min after we got there. This is after a long hour drive almost going off the road several times...LOL but anyway they cancelled all but 2 teams so the boys got to play in the mud.... big piles of mud and water ..... enough to say my car is getting detailed inside and out on the weekend. They had fun anyway and what more do you want?

Well that covers my hockey and rugby musings so I will briefly narrate on my other passion..... reading and writing paranormal. I am currently beginning my first attempt since highschool (which was 25years ago) at writing. It is of course vamp fiction and hopefully I will get it published someday..... if not maybe I can post chapters here now and then. For now I am getting my little bits in reviewing for a fabulous site called Bitten By Books.... you all must go there and check it out. Reviews, interviews and awesome contests abound and the people there are so fun to talk to and are very encouraging. In any case I am going to go now and work on some reviews.... let me know what you think .... thanks
Shell the Hockeyvampiress