Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey Everyone..... well day 2 in my new blog world has had its ups and downs already.....

Number one..... OK where were the hockey Gods and Goddess' this week. Like come on.....I really am hating on this years match ups for the semis's. Like do we have to see the Dead Wings one more time go to the final..... last year they couldn't even sell out the arena during the post season.!!! And I will not go there talking about the CryBaby and his pretty boys in baby blue???!!! Enough said that their third jersey is a sissy girly colour that is only worn by men under the age of 3 . I guess my only hope for a best senario is for Chicago to go on.... would have liked to see Boston and Chicago, although not a fan of either the only thing I do not like about them is that for Boston anyway their anouncers are extremely annoying!!! Chicago I can live with winning..... PAtrick Kane is a native of Buffalo, my fave team, and Brian Campbell used to play for them and grew up a half hour from me. He also plays summer ball with a friend of mine so yeah Go Chicago!!! The other thing that would let me vote for them is that they are the fave team of my friend Leon.... he has the connections that are going to get my son to the big show.... or at least to the opening act in about 5 or 6 years........ Go Border City Bandits........!!!!

Now on to what else is going on today in my little piece of the world. I have been to physio, been to the Doc and had a cortezone injection in my shoulder and am now relaxing until I have to go to work this afternoon and then take my son to work at 11 pm tonight..... so in the meantime I will be reviewing a couple of books and checking in on one of my fave authors interviews today. Bitten By Books has turned 1 year old this May and I am a new reviewer for this site. My first review was up for the lauded 1000 review to be posted but I ended up in 4th or 5th in the end after some amazing authors. Mine was an anthology by Elora's Cave and was quite hot!!! It will be posted sometime soon I hope.
Anyway today is an extra special day for me at Bitten By Books..... the Author interview of the day is Jeri Smith-Ready and I had the honour of reviewing her first "series" of books. The Crow series by Jeri is an awesome read and everyone who loves a great "story" needs to read the series. My reviews of the three books are now my first live reviews to be posted to Bitten By Books and the fact that I hope a lot of people will be reading them today is fantastic.!! I hope everyone can stop by and enter the contest and leave comments for the prizes and also on my reviews. The better the feedback the more confident I will be at continuing to write my own work in progress.
Check out the contest and the reviews here!!!

Oh yeah did I tell you that Dexter the vampire dog is going to be there with Jeri today and so is Antoine!!

And finally here are my reviews

Thanks for stopping by and listening...... luv ya!!

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