Saturday, May 30, 2009

OK last and final day Sunday to enter to win the Kindle 2 from Ethan and Christine Rose

And Bitten By Books

And now I just have a short message for the day. READ YOUR EMAILS properly!!! I mad the mistake of only seeing what I thought was there and pissed someone off. I try not to piss people off but in this case I overstepped my bounds and maybe my welcome. If I truly offend PLZ let me know and I will make it right.... sorry stopping to take deep breath and stop trickling liquid from my eye. I have not had so much fun and made so many friends in like EVER than this last month. I also have had too many lows that the giddyness I get from the highs make me come off as a showoff etc. Believe me I am not..... I love to read and I love contests..... I have a need to win as I was never allowed to compete in anything as a child, never allowed to do so many things others in my family were allowed to do. Instead I was the one who only had one friend at a time.... and when that friend moved on they always did, I usually found another. I haven't hung out with someone or had a girls night out in over 3 years and before that maybe another 6 or 7. Sorry waterworks are flowing now and I can't stop typing even though I can't see the keys or the page...... I have wandered from my initial intentions with this blog..... What I want to say is thank you for those who have friended me and I hope you understand when I rant or vent a bit about fairness and squuuuuueeeeee when I win something..... Books.... Books are good!!! Tell me to calm down.... I will leak a bit of salty water but I will be back tomorrow.... I have lived that way all my life why stop now!?

I better go now.... thanks for stopping by and listening to my sob story. Leave comments if you visit and thanks again..... Shell


  1. If you need to vent some more e-mail me. I didn't have much of a childhood so I get just as excited. Don't feel bad for wanting to be friends and wanting to win. There is nothing wrong with those feelings! I'm here for you kiddo. ;) Lisa

  2. I've taken your excitement as happy enthusiasm and nothing more. Your videos are truly fun and outrageous, really like that. Feel better soon. Smile! Everything always looks brighter and better when you smile. :)

  3. I look forward to your tweets and I even got caught up in the excitement and entered my dog in a video (and I am pretty shy that way) Your squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee was warmly welcomed. You are enthusiastic and in todays world that is rare. Don't change and you are great the way you are....if you need to vent email I am a non-shy emailer --marniecolette @ gmail. com