Monday, February 15, 2010

Were in the world have I been????

The title of my post might insinuate that I have been away... well no not really..... well actually since my last post I have been to another hockey tournament with my family.... or rather the younger two and my hubs. The older ones stayed home to take care of the animals and eat everything that wasn't nailed down. Anyway.... to get back to where I haven't been.... well that is pretty much anywhere. I am the one, when all the other hockey parents are sitting there with their winter tans and their multiple stamps on their passports, who has to sit quietly and listen to them compare the various Mexican, Dominican, European destinations.... and believe me it gets pretty competitive..... except for me who hasn't been further than a couple of hours out of Canada in over 30 years, and no further than my home province of Ontario in Canada. Depressed much.... naw.... who wants to be able to take the time and money to do something fun like see another part of the world.?

So.... what has been going on that has held me away from this blog that rarely gets comments, but allows me to vent on my little corner of the world?? Most particularily my health, and work situations.... pretty much a twofer right now anyway. Finally got to see the doc this week. Knee needed xrays, and physio..... and the rest of the problems doc says is due to my weight, my sleep problems and stress..... so in other words.... get a life and you will be fine. The weight I have struggled with forever..... when I was a teen I had a slim build and a 27-28 waist.... I still weighed 150 pounds.... so now after having 5 c sections with the incisions cut the wrong way, I am a bit more than that.... but even when I bounce up and down... which I have before it might seem to go away but really goes somewhere else.... as for the stress.... work and the lack of a job that I can commit to 40 hours a week because of my knee ....have caused a major stress problem with my life. With the lack of a full time job there is no money and without the money it causes more stress but I can't stand to be on my feet that many hours in a week.... nice round robin curse I live in right>?> Anyway these are a few of the reasons I have been negligent on the blog.... that and my sleep is very erratic right now.... I can be typing away at 2 in the after noon and zonk out with my hands still on the keys for a few hours.... never done that before... so that is why tomorrow I will be setting up an appointment for a sleep disorder test. Yay me.... LOL

So what else is new??? Going to send in my funds to go to RT this year.... I made almost enough with my book thongs and hope that a few more sales might trickle in to make me some spending money and pay for the hotel. So anyone wanting some please let me know...... there is only one change in the cost. Due to paypal fees and higher shipping I will have to charge for the shipping cost for all the sales. Right now I will still conceed the paypal fees.....

Now for some fun..... as you know from previous posts I love Shiloh Walkers work. She is having a new contest for a nook.... in a separate posting I will be telling you all about the contest... be sure to tell her that I sent you... LOL not that it makes a difference but it would let me know that someone really is reading my posts. So expect that blog in the morning.... right now I am going to try and go to sleep... Night all... talk later