Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bitten By Books events this week

Hey guys. As you know I review for Bitten By Books. I love the gals and guy from this unique and close knit group of reviewers. Today is a newer author in the spotlight with his new release Secret Cravings. Kris Allen admits that he rubs shoulders with one of my fave authors, Shayla Black, and loves many of the same authors that I do. Check out the event today and get into the draw for some Amazon bucks. I bought the book and can't wait to dig in..... did I tell you it was a menage....with shifters..... nuf said I know.... In any case I think it is worth the price to grab this book and I hope you will too.

What is going on?????

OK first off. I didn't fall off the planet, didn't run away with a sexy shifter/vampire and have tonnes of fanged beybey's and I didn't forget my password and get locked out of my own blog..... actually the last one might have been a problem for a bit. What has happened is life. Since my last blog I have gone on my first and best vacation since I was 12 years old that didn't involve hockey, camping or visiting family in the bush. I got to go to the Romantic Times Convention in Columbus Ohio, met some amazing people, made a pile of new friends, partied with several of my favorite authors (check out ) It was the best event I had ever gone to and one of the most memorable times in my life recently. Since then it has been a whirlwind of chaos, excitement, and changes.

One of the major events was my son getting to compete in the STate Wars Inline HOckeyChampionships in Chicago. We had never been there before and it was quite the bonding drive with some very interesting sites along the way (well if you include a man driving down the highway with a strap-on attatched to his face interesting). He competed as part of an 8 skater team representing Ontario.... so very cool. It was amazing to get up on the big ferris wheel at Navy Pier and check out the buildings etc. We have had non stop hockey since then, he helped at hockey school out of town which meant I spent the days at the beach reading and relaxing and just enjoying myself. Why did I have the time to do this??? Because I quit my job. I couldn't handle the stress and my problems with my shoulder and now my hip joints was too much so with much consideration I jumped...... and until the news I got minutes ago I have been swimming without a life jacket since. See, they don't like when you quit..... even if you paid in to unemployment for decades and have a reason..... and today... yep months later.... it was OK'd for sick leave. Any way.... I know I went at it wrong and I should have done it that way first but seylavie it is done. So now on to hockey season, football season and even recently wrestling for my sons' highschool teams. It is a constant battle to get them all to where they have to be but hopefully it will help them in what they want to do in the future. Hockey even took me to Pittsburgh recently..... where I sat front row, wanting to slap some certain player in the mug just cause he bugs me so much.... LOL I did come home with another great dinner conversation with VA and Petey since they came and picked me up for dinner out away from the boys and a massive cold that lasted for weeks.
Oh yeah and I almost forgot.... we have a new puppy.... he is now 7 months old and is a pain in the butt. HIs name is SAbre... after the best team in the NHL but hubby calls him Dink. He gets into anything and everything, loves to eat tape, and still is not house trained. We love him but he sure knows how to use those eyes to get him out of trouble.

Last week I had another excitement.... I entered on their facebook page and got a personal invite by The Trews to their Christmas party in Toronto.... it was fricken awesome. Best concert in forever that I have been to. We were right at the front hugging the speakers and since it was an XMradio and Trews private party there were only about 150 people there making it an intimate affair.

Now we are in another kind of excitement around here...... no not Christmas but a massive snow dumping that has left hundreds stranded in their cars and vehicles, hundreds more in accidents and the county being declared a State of Emergency. Even my son had his car stuck off the side of the road for 2 days until some farmers managed to pull it out for him. Where it was just outside of the towns limits there were about a dozen or more cars and two transports. Pretty scary stuff. So now on day three with no schools and the roads just starting to be opened for use out of town it is still a mess here. I guess we will have a white Christmas this year after all.

So many other things have gone on, my one son played really well in school rugby and was voted to the all star team before heading to OFFSSA, my youngest just joined Cadets (something he has wanted to do forever) and he also played Joseph in the live nativity. As for me I am still working on plunking out my reviews for Bitten By Books and hope you drop by and check them out. I just submitted my 400th review a week or two back for the site and although a bit slowed down this week have had over 200 this year alone and am quite proud of that accomplishment...... only problem is that my personal reads are getting neglected. So now that I am back... hope that you will drop me a line and help me catch up with you.... am looking for another way to do my blog, formats etc so any ideas feel free to leave them in the comments.