Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

........... or as my brother and I used to say.... Hari Krishna..... OK we were a bit weird as kids..... MC and all the other holiday greetings used to get old and I think it was after watching Airplane one night way back we decided to say Hari Krishna instead of the old standbys..... Which leads me to another tradition in my moms house.... ok the back story first..... my younger by 9 years brother one day decided to use some paint to paint a greeting on the front picture window.... he wrote NOEL on the glass and it looked pretty good..... except that from the street it shouted out LEON......well my mother got really PO'd at my other brother and myself when we bugged him about it for years..... and for some reason after almost 30 years she is still getting upset... LOL See when my grandmother passed back in the 80's she had knickknacks and dishes galore.... the house was small and old and in fact the roof on the back bedroom had collapsed and she didn't tell anyone about it.... you see if a TV died she put a new one in front of it.... if she got a new couch.... she put it in front of the other and used it as storage..... you could go to her house and find a neatly stacked newspaper clipping or the whole paper from a year ago...see my grama was the ultimate Scotch woman.... never threw anything away and was a major packrat...... I am soooooooooo much like her.... unfortunately for my house that is very deficient of storage space... LOL Anyway back to the story.... she had sooooooo many little goodies and one was a set of angels that each had a letter............ spelling NOEL if you put them on the mantel in the right order..... the tradition is who can sneak into my moms house and living room and rearrange the letters to spell LEON....cause it still upsets both my brother and my mom..... everyone else is in on it now including my sons and my other brothers daughters..... one Christmas dinner we changed it like 10 times....
soooooooooooooooooo what fun things do you do for a tradition...... something different....???

I have been really busy this past while like everyone has..... work has picked up but I am going to try and find a new job in the near future..... I am getting burnt out and last week had a total melt down. The stress of this time of year is hard on me and I can't take it.... I was sick this week and spent 4 days barely getting out of bed..... it was horrible... only thing good was that on my side my head stopped spinning and I could get some reading done.... now I need to get the reviews done. Plus yesterday is a black day on the calendar for me.... not going into details but it was the anniversary of the birth and death of my middle son and even though it has been 15 years it always hits me hard.

Now I wanted to say one more thing before I sign off for the day and probably until the new year..... I have a book here that is by a new author..... it IS AMAZING !!!! I read anything from YA to erotica.... I love the written word and am addicted to many popular authors and series and this book is the beginning of a new addiction. The Dark Devine by Bree Despain is going to be released on Dec 22. It is a YA paranormal novel and is one of the best in the genre that I have read in a long time. ........

Young Grace Devine is a good girl. Her father, the local pastor, her mom, and the rest of her family always give to others and never forget to help everyone in need. What she can't understand is the young man who was a part of that family is now back in town, in need of help and is being outcast by everyone in her family except herself. What secret sent him away from them to begin with, why is her brother becoming more and more moody, her parents are now fighting and she is drawn to the sexy dark boy like never before. Climaxing in a Thanksgiving day dinner party that cracks more than one hole in her perfect life and a school dance that leaves a gaping wound in her heart after being betrayed by someone she loves, Grace must find it within herself and those she believes in to help set things right again.

This is just a brief summary..... I have done a larger review for Bitten By Books and I hope that you will check it out too..... I will be posting the link as soon as it becomes available.... in the meantime please check it out.... You won't be dissapointed.....

Thats all for now..... if anyone wants to leave a comment not only would that be novel.... but it would be cool to hear from everyone else what fun tradition you might have twisted now or in your youth.... later


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hunter’s Need by Shiloh Walker

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Release Party, Chat and Contest With Author Shiloh Walker

Release Party, Chat and Contest With Author Shiloh Walker

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Yahoooooooo What a Weekend....

Right now I am still realing and feeling some of the after effects of the long weekend I spent in Monroe Michigan but it was worth it.... My sons team has not had a stellar start. They have been improving but with over 2/3 of the reg season done they have yet to add a win to the W column.... well the boys headed down with one member shy of a full roster and came back with the gold.... Yep some amazing hockey was witnessed as they took on Westland for a 1-1 tie in the first game. Starting out Sat morning playing the Trenton team in Trenton took a lot of effort because the reffing was very one sided.... and not for the visiting team. The boys effort sent them back down the highway to Monroe with a 4-3 win..... The afternoon had the boys facing the home MOnroe team and the officiating was as expected with numerous one sided calls.... but the boys fought hard again and battled to another 1-1 tie. Sun morning found the boys in the AAA finals sitting in 4th place. They faced a team from their home division, Hamilton, and once again the score at the end of regulation was 1-1..... going into overtime with over 3 min gone one of the defence took it all the way and scored the game winner. The finals later that afternoon were going to be either a blowout or another close game as the boys were forced to settle all afternoon and not get into too much trouble so they would save their energy. It worked and they came out of it a 3-0 win..... We are all sooooooo proud of them..... only 11 goals scored but winners over a 5 game tourney was amazing in itself but the control and defensive game they played was some of the best hockey I have seen in quite some time. Too bad I started feeling not so good on the way home.... made it to my Moms in time but missed work on Mon to curl up and recoup.

BTW..... it was worth it to see Hockeystar so excited and he himself was amazing with 3 goals/ at least 2 assists and a plus 4 for the tourney.

Now back to my regular life..... today one of my favorite authors, Shiloh Walker is at Bitten By Books today for the launch of Hunters Need.... an amazing book..... please read my reviews, leave a comment, tell them I sent you and win some awesome pressies....

Got to head out but please be sure to leave some comments.... later....