Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

........... or as my brother and I used to say.... Hari Krishna..... OK we were a bit weird as kids..... MC and all the other holiday greetings used to get old and I think it was after watching Airplane one night way back we decided to say Hari Krishna instead of the old standbys..... Which leads me to another tradition in my moms house.... ok the back story first..... my younger by 9 years brother one day decided to use some paint to paint a greeting on the front picture window.... he wrote NOEL on the glass and it looked pretty good..... except that from the street it shouted out LEON......well my mother got really PO'd at my other brother and myself when we bugged him about it for years..... and for some reason after almost 30 years she is still getting upset... LOL See when my grandmother passed back in the 80's she had knickknacks and dishes galore.... the house was small and old and in fact the roof on the back bedroom had collapsed and she didn't tell anyone about it.... you see if a TV died she put a new one in front of it.... if she got a new couch.... she put it in front of the other and used it as storage..... you could go to her house and find a neatly stacked newspaper clipping or the whole paper from a year ago...see my grama was the ultimate Scotch woman.... never threw anything away and was a major packrat...... I am soooooooooo much like her.... unfortunately for my house that is very deficient of storage space... LOL Anyway back to the story.... she had sooooooo many little goodies and one was a set of angels that each had a letter............ spelling NOEL if you put them on the mantel in the right order..... the tradition is who can sneak into my moms house and living room and rearrange the letters to spell LEON....cause it still upsets both my brother and my mom..... everyone else is in on it now including my sons and my other brothers daughters..... one Christmas dinner we changed it like 10 times....
soooooooooooooooooo what fun things do you do for a tradition...... something different....???

I have been really busy this past while like everyone has..... work has picked up but I am going to try and find a new job in the near future..... I am getting burnt out and last week had a total melt down. The stress of this time of year is hard on me and I can't take it.... I was sick this week and spent 4 days barely getting out of bed..... it was horrible... only thing good was that on my side my head stopped spinning and I could get some reading done.... now I need to get the reviews done. Plus yesterday is a black day on the calendar for me.... not going into details but it was the anniversary of the birth and death of my middle son and even though it has been 15 years it always hits me hard.

Now I wanted to say one more thing before I sign off for the day and probably until the new year..... I have a book here that is by a new author..... it IS AMAZING !!!! I read anything from YA to erotica.... I love the written word and am addicted to many popular authors and series and this book is the beginning of a new addiction. The Dark Devine by Bree Despain is going to be released on Dec 22. It is a YA paranormal novel and is one of the best in the genre that I have read in a long time. ........

Young Grace Devine is a good girl. Her father, the local pastor, her mom, and the rest of her family always give to others and never forget to help everyone in need. What she can't understand is the young man who was a part of that family is now back in town, in need of help and is being outcast by everyone in her family except herself. What secret sent him away from them to begin with, why is her brother becoming more and more moody, her parents are now fighting and she is drawn to the sexy dark boy like never before. Climaxing in a Thanksgiving day dinner party that cracks more than one hole in her perfect life and a school dance that leaves a gaping wound in her heart after being betrayed by someone she loves, Grace must find it within herself and those she believes in to help set things right again.

This is just a brief summary..... I have done a larger review for Bitten By Books and I hope that you will check it out too..... I will be posting the link as soon as it becomes available.... in the meantime please check it out.... You won't be dissapointed.....

Thats all for now..... if anyone wants to leave a comment not only would that be novel.... but it would be cool to hear from everyone else what fun tradition you might have twisted now or in your youth.... later


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hunter’s Need by Shiloh Walker

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Release Party, Chat and Contest With Author Shiloh Walker

Release Party, Chat and Contest With Author Shiloh Walker

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Yahoooooooo What a Weekend....

Right now I am still realing and feeling some of the after effects of the long weekend I spent in Monroe Michigan but it was worth it.... My sons team has not had a stellar start. They have been improving but with over 2/3 of the reg season done they have yet to add a win to the W column.... well the boys headed down with one member shy of a full roster and came back with the gold.... Yep some amazing hockey was witnessed as they took on Westland for a 1-1 tie in the first game. Starting out Sat morning playing the Trenton team in Trenton took a lot of effort because the reffing was very one sided.... and not for the visiting team. The boys effort sent them back down the highway to Monroe with a 4-3 win..... The afternoon had the boys facing the home MOnroe team and the officiating was as expected with numerous one sided calls.... but the boys fought hard again and battled to another 1-1 tie. Sun morning found the boys in the AAA finals sitting in 4th place. They faced a team from their home division, Hamilton, and once again the score at the end of regulation was 1-1..... going into overtime with over 3 min gone one of the defence took it all the way and scored the game winner. The finals later that afternoon were going to be either a blowout or another close game as the boys were forced to settle all afternoon and not get into too much trouble so they would save their energy. It worked and they came out of it a 3-0 win..... We are all sooooooo proud of them..... only 11 goals scored but winners over a 5 game tourney was amazing in itself but the control and defensive game they played was some of the best hockey I have seen in quite some time. Too bad I started feeling not so good on the way home.... made it to my Moms in time but missed work on Mon to curl up and recoup.

BTW..... it was worth it to see Hockeystar so excited and he himself was amazing with 3 goals/ at least 2 assists and a plus 4 for the tourney.

Now back to my regular life..... today one of my favorite authors, Shiloh Walker is at Bitten By Books today for the launch of Hunters Need.... an amazing book..... please read my reviews, leave a comment, tell them I sent you and win some awesome pressies....

Got to head out but please be sure to leave some comments.... later....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ramblings about stuff.....

Well bloggers.... I am in the middle of glueing my fingers together and had to stop and drool over my fave vamp portrayer.... Stuart Townsend.... I needed to find a pic for something I am ordering and came across this hottie.... Some say he was not the best of the best when it came to his portrayal but the bottom line is he followed the direction of the director and he obviously wanted him verrrrra pale and almost vulnerable and human. I am an avid reader of all paranormal but must admit am not always the first in line for the movie versions. This week will of course find me checking out Twilight despite myself. I did enjoy the books but find it overwhelming when it comes to the blanket marketing of anything and everything that may or may not concern the sparkly vamps. Come on..... Godiva chocolate? Um no I don't think so..... now on another marketing genious I must say I love the new True Blood ads running on TV for the upsoming season.... the hunters in the forest is my fave... LOL soooooo funny.

Well I have a busy work week this week and I pile of books to get done before the end of the month. Bree Despain has chosen me to help out with the street team for The Dark Devine and I am just diving into it right now.... so far very intriguing.... stay tuned for more information. Then I will be doing a beta read, several reviews and have picked up a few new releases that are staring at me on the massive TBR pile like the geico money bundle.....

I have to make a comment about my hockey team... the Buffalo Sabres who are rocking at the top of the Northeast division and finally took care of my #1 sons fave Philly Flyers last night.... keep it going guys.... I love you Ryan.... Now the team my son is playing is not doing as well but there are improvements being seen.... too bad after 16 games into the season/preseason they have never played with a full roster yet.... hoping all are healthy for the trip to Monroe Mi in 2 weeks.

Anyone wanting information about the bookthongs... which I have a 99% positive feedback on.... the one (percent) sending a very negative and unprofessional email to me..... In any case the glue is now dry on this batch and I need to get them all glued for the current orders tonight so I can start enamelling tomorrow. You can follow me on twitter and DM me your email . Thanks again for following this random blog.... Shell

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book Thongs..... get your Book Thongs

Hi Everyone.... I am sending this email out to see if anyone is interested in purchasing some of the handcrafted enamel bookthongs I make for promo gifts or for your own personal use. I can make them from any picture you want. Book covers, children, pets, dream guys... LOL I have made some and sent them out as samples to a few people and the comments have been great. Custom colours for beading and for the ribbon done on clear beads that have reduced size pic enamelled on the bead. They have been vlogged about on Dakota Cassidy's site and have been selling for a fundraising effort for Bitten By Books on their ebay site.

Here is the ebay site but this one has already sold.... but you can get the idea.

Also I have talked about them on my blog, here... lol There you will see the pic of the pins I ended up puncturing my tendons with while making them to take to the Sherrilyn Kenyon signing... LOL Attatched are another couple of pics..... OK now for the costs.

Order of 1 $5
2-5 $4 each
6-20 $ 3.50 each
21 -50 $ 3.00 each
51 + $2.50 each

You do not have to use the same pic for each..... you could order 25 different ones if you want. Please though, have permission to use the pic from the author or artist if you are ordering. Unless you are ordering as a gift for said author LOL. I can have them ready to be shipped within about 2 weeks.... this gives the pics time to dry properly before enamelling and the enamel time to cure. Shipping would be included in these prices. Thank you for your interest. I am trying to raise enough money to allow me to attend RT next April/May as my 45th birthday present to myself. Please ask if you have any other questions I am ready to negotiate. Thank you for your time and please feel free to forward this to anyone you might feel has an interest in this item. Thanks again Shell the Hockeyvampiress

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last chance at a great contest..... or two

OK final minutes left to comment and play some games with Ava Gray and Skin Games..... you could win one of the new Nooks.... I need some nookie and playing some skin games is the best way to get my hands on some.... BTW I am new to Ann's books having only read one.... Blue Diablo but I am in love with her characters in that book and would love to add another to the list....

Oh yeah and there is still time to catch some prizes at the Bitten By Books Halloween Bash.... there was a hangover of prizes... LOL, plus some other goodies like a Lori Handeland contest, this months polls, a book talk contest and sooooo much more

Thats all for now.... enjoy.....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just another November day....

Hey everyone..... hoping my blog problems are now over and wanted to leave a brief note on the end of October and the start of a new month. Right now my sons hockey is in full swing.... having some late nights of travel and today an early morning. The boys are doing what they can to come together but because of a few weak links it is just not producing to their potential.... too bad cause a bunch of the kids really deserve to be on a winning team but so far no W's are in the column.
Now on to some fun stuff..... my fave topic books books books..... As many of you know I had the very special opportunity to have a night with Colleen Gleason when she came to my town for a visit. It ended up pretty informal and was more like a chat as people came and went then we went for a coffee after along with her Mom..... great ladies both......
I might have already talked about that but it was so fun I hope you don't mind me repeating. Book reviews are going strong but with my laptop in for repair over a week now I am going through withdrawal.... no more late nights at the laptop, reading, reviewing and twittering. Can't stay on the desktop here very long before my shoulder starts to ache and my back as well.... the chair is not the best. I have started in the judging portion of the Dark Idol contest. I have a feeling my likes are not that similar to any of the other judges as my fave was not as popular with the other judges but I stand by my decision and still think it will be a great book so if you submitted and never got the nod please don't stop, keep going and pushing yourself to go for it. That leads me to those participating in NaNoWriMo..... I wish I had the time to participate this year but without my laptop and the time constraints right now there is no chance. Good luck to those able to take the time to attempt that dream.
Now I must talk about another contest that is near and dear to my heart.... yep I wanna win but I too want to let you know that this contest is a countdown to an amazing book..... I was priviledged to review and can`t wait to get a hard copy to add to my permanent book shelf. That book is Shiloh Walker`s Hunter`s Need. Please make sure you add it to your December book list cause you will not be dissappointed. Here is the link to the contest if you want to join the fun....

Check out the 30 days of Giveaways Countdown to Hunter`s Need

Oh yeah there is another big contest you all need to check out.... it is over at the Fangs Fur and Fey blog and first prize is a kindle.... yah I still have nothing to read my books on and I really need one but I would love to help someone on their way to win one as well.... check out the blog at.....

The only other excitement I have had this week is the opportunity to do a quick beta read for a fellow twitter friend..... it was really cool and I think I am getting better at this as I expand my portfolio of writing and editing experience.... plus it was a great read and really fun.... LOL

Now I am going to once again get down to work and try and get a review or two done.... thanks for stopping by this brief blog about nothing in particular..... What does everyone have on tap for the month of November.... I will be heading to Michigan for the US Thanksgiving for a hockey tournament but other than work and getting some stuff done around the house not much on tap for me..... talk later ..... Shell

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interview, Chat and Contest with Author P.C. Cast

Interview, Chat and Contest with Author P.C. Cast

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Yah I am baaaaack!!

OK hoping this works.... blogging and commenting have been very uncooperative lately and I am hoping the troubles are over......

K What is new? Well..... hockey season has started. My boys in Blue the Buffalo Sabres are doing really well so far, and they seem to have it in gear to make a good run for it so far.... I know it is early but I feel like this is the turn around we need to go and make it to the show. Sorry that we are missing Max.... he has always been a fave here at my house.
Hockeystars team has not done as well. With a bunch of people missing right off the get go for various reasons, broken thumb, got to go race my car cause I am the greatest so I need to let my team down, (ooops didnt mean to sound snitty), getting kicked out cause I cant keep my temper... yeah stuff like that.... problem is that it has been defensemen that have been doing this and that leaves a big hole.... add to that one goalie quit cause they didnt like the add on costs... and dont even let me get started there... LOL So they are struggling and it shows but there is some promise and I hope the coaching staff can bring it out of them.

Health issues have also been a problem.... where to start, shoulder still aching, knee randomly swells and cant put weight on it, foot still has returning tendon probs with random bumps on top of foot which may or may not be tendon flair up, battling a major cold and last but not least something alike a chemical burn on my armpits by using a new deodorant that keeps flairing back up... no the deodorant is gone but still hurts and itches like heck.

Reading is my life beyond my sons sports and this week was a major high.... Last Thurs. Author Colleen Gleason visited my town, (just ask.... I did and she came). Her Mom and her came up from Michigan and spent a couple of hours at the library. The local bookstore brought her books for sale and they sold a good lot of them. It was pretty informal and we just sat there and talked for the whole time. Random people stopped, sat and joined the conversation but it was really fun and interesting. PLus I got some great pressies..... LOL Then after Colleen, her Mom and I went to the local coffee shop and had some tea lattes and talked for a while longer. It was soooooo awesome to meet her and she was soooooo great and sweet. I got hugs from both, Colleen said thanks for inviting her and reading her books and her Mom said thanks for supporting my daughter. Wow.... such great women. I hope to catch up with them soon.

Now just a little blurb.... as most of you know I am a reviewer for Bitten By Books and am right now playing with my 150th review since I joined at the end of April. I do not know what I would do without these great women (and a couple of guys) in my life. This month between Rachel moving she has been heading up the hosting of the 31 days of Dark Delights.... go and check out the cool contests daily and the great authors hosting some fantastic events

Thanks for now and hopefully I will be able to get this site working with me instead of against me.... LOL

Monday, September 7, 2009

Big Brother....

I had to add this link.... it is soooooo funny..... I am a Big Brother addict and now that my hunky Jeff is gone from the house I will have to live with this link for a while.... LOL

Please stop the madness......

I have been on twitter again today and I must bring my opinions over here and let myself rant a bit more. One of my fave authors , Shiloh Walker, has a great blog about this subject and I will try and get the link in here when I am done. Check out blog on the cost of Piracy

The subject of course is the stealing of pdf's off the net. The sites pop up at an astounding rate and are sooooo very tempting to grab ahold of a new release or older book that you have been looking for but please stop taking monies away from these talented ladies and gentlemen. They have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into these characters and they should be compensated for their time. Would you volunteer to work 8 months free time at your full time job? Why should they?
I personally am a book addict.... my compulsion is print books... I love the print books, the opportunity to hold a book in hand that someday I may have the chance to get autographed by the author that wrote it is the ultimate for me. I just started collecting auto books this past winter and have a whole shelf dedicated to the auto books... LOL I now tell people like Dakota Cassidy that I can only own auto copies of their books now...
I am not rich, in fact my family is low on the totem and we live paycheck to paycheck. With my 4 sons sports and feeding the brood I can squeeze in a new book or two only by buying sale or discounted books (walmart or zellers are the only two around me... I have no discount book sellers near like sum lucky peeps). I buy used.... a pile of used. My sons tell me I am killing a zaboomafoo everytime I buy a book. Zaboomafoo is a fictional lemur character that joins the Kratt brothers on PBS kids program.....

I have people give me books, some I do not read or have time to read, I pick up books at the second hand store uptown that has been selling them for a quarter all summer, or I stop at other second hand stores or sales to bulk up my titles.... then I have a dealer in used books that I trade... for every 3 I give him he lets me pick 2.... doesn't matter if I give him 3 he will sell at $3 a piece or not I can choose any book, hardcover, large print pb or trade....yesterday I traded 9 books, pb's nothing fancy and I had bought none of them. I got 2 new magna's, (I am just trying them out), a cool Wicca large pb text book, the new Jackie Frank book, and a Janet Chapman highlander book and a Cynster Steph Laurens book... not bad.... So why are you people, OK not any of my followers, but people in general stealing and posting property that does not belong to you on the net? There are other options.... I came home with 9 other books yesterday besides my trades......... I spent $6.... that is IT! It can be done... I am in Canada and cannot participate with a lot of the trading sites on the net but please do something along these lines if you can't afford it. Volunteer to review for some site, another opportunity I am very grateful for, but remember that electronic books are not allowed to be given away or sold whatsoever. If you want to let someone sit at your computer or borrow your ereader go ahead but that is the ONLY way you are not breaking the law..... I know very well the temptation... please don't give in.... OK now end of the rant..... LOL

My week has been really busy, the kids were one of only a couple of counties in Ontario that had to go back to school last week. I was a kind mom and took them out Friday to the beach after aquiring some new protective equipment for hockey and football for my middle two. It had been the best weather week of the summer here and it was a great day although the fog was a bit much coming in off the lake at 2 in the afternoon. So hockey tryouts are done for my HockeyStar, he made the first list of carded players so will be playing for the AAA Lambton Junior Sting this year (the Sting is the junior A team that last years first draft from the NHL, Steven Stamkos, played for). The coaches are a former NHLer and a former top scorer in the OHL so hopefully they will be able to give the boys the guidance they need at this critical stage. We have a busy exhibition sched this week which includes 4 games and I hope no other surprises.
Then my other middle son, RugbyGuy, has an exhibition football game at Western University this week against a major London school. Hopefully he will get to play a lot. He missed last season due to a broken, or shall I say shattered, collarbone he got during rugby play in the summer so now he has lost his starter position but is included in several plays that they plan on running alot.
As for me..... I am dealing with the pain of my shoulder now that physio and massage have been cut off from workmans comp. I have been trying to get ahold of the new person in charge but no one ever answers the phone there and if I leave a message they always call back when I am elsewhere...... I was looking into going back to school but I guess that is only if you were on unemployment within the last 3 years. Since I haven't been on UI in I don't know how long I don't think I qualify.... I am going to go in and see but between work and the sports shuffle this week it will be another week anyway.
What else..... I know there was more I wanted to blog about but..... Oh yeah.... contest and thongs and visitor..... where to start.... I am going to be having a contest.... I wanted to find someone who would cheaply, OK free, help me tweek up my blog then have a contest for a few books. I have won a couple that I already have and want to give them away.... they are not here yet so I will have to wait.


LOL Dakota Cassidy was one of the people I made a sample thong of their bookcovers and sent them. I want to sell these to help pay for things I need like food, books and gas to get to hockey and football.... anyway I have invested money into buying the supplies to make them. Dakota vlogged about them in her latest vlog

She muses why the hockeyvampiress name.... well I love hockey and my nocturnal sleep patterns make my kids say I am a vampire.... sooooooo ..... I do want to say thank you very much to her for making my day by talking about them during her 9:59 that she has to vlog each week.

So If you would like to buy a custom made book thong I can do it..... I can do any pic that is yours to use. If you are an author and want a bunch to use as promos or for your own collection please email me or leave comment. If you want a thong done with your cats pic, grandkids, car, anything can be done. Price depends on how many you want done. Just one.... $6 including WW shipping, more will be less..... I am up to making deals.... LOL Just let me know

Finishing off today I wanted to tell everyone about my squeeee moment this week. A while back I mentioned to Colleen Gleason, who lives in Michigan, it would be very cool if she could come to my little town and do a book signing. We never get anyone in the Sarnia area, except local book authors that do heritage books etc, so to have someone come here would be verra nice. She told be to get ahold of the librarian and give her the contact info and they would see..... well Tues I got a call from Liz, the librarian, to say that it was a done deal. Thanks to me Colleen Gleason would be making an appearance Oct 15 from 6 to 8 at the library for a reading and signing. This was way too awesome and I told Colleen this immediately on twitter to which she replied.... I am looking forward to meeting you too..... :) So now instead of taking RugbyGuy to see the opening night of Where the Wild Things Are at the theatre, for his birthday, I am seeing Colleen instead. LOL Why a 17 yr old would want to spend his birthday with his mom watching a childrens book come to life still amazes me but he says I can take him again on the weekend.... plus buy him his tattoo... LOL Anyway I will be spending the night listening to an amazing author with her latest book. I had to ask Liz who exactly was coming that night, Colleen, Colette or Joss...... LOL I just added to her work load by giving her Colleens other pen names..... BTW Colette's books are amazing!!!! LOL

Ok better go now I was supposed to be writing a review... LOL back to work and I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labour Day....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Week of Woe is Me

Hey peeps.... I hope your week has gone better than mine.... Sitting here right now with ice back on my shoulder in what is probably going to be a lifer problem according to the doc. So what to do when job I have been at for 4 years that lets me have time off for every hockey game is cutting hours, put a pay freeze on (which I earned the highest avail 4%) so I don't get my raise and I feel like crap everytime I am there cause I am either of pain killers while at work or when I get home. Now my comp claim is pretty much over, no more physio, no more massages.... and the pain still there after 8 months.
So what else is new in the life of the hockeyvamp.... well been musing over several things this past while and need to re evaluate some stuff.... good thing I won a reading by Tarot by Arwen last week on twitter... hoping to pick some good questions to ask her.
Books books books...... my addiction.... hubs asked me last night if I really needed this many books which is prob over 1500 now... and honestly I said yes... no questions but yes...... I am finally diving into the box o books for reviews, have I said I loved my reviewing job.... BBB is great....~~~~~!! And I managed to sneak in one other new release before I got some perplexing news.
And finally..... hockey hockey hockey..... HockeyStar started hockey camp last week. This young man rarely says anything bad about his coaches or assistants that help them.... Last week at hockey camp another former NHL player from the Detroit Red Wings stepped on the ice to help with the camp....... this guy was in my opinion an idiot.... he was rude to the kids, kept on giving them slaps upside the head and prompted his kid and his friend to start a fight with another former NHLer's kid on the ice. My son had to step in when his friend went to his knees to stop himself from hitting back and the other kid Bertuzzied him in the back of the head.... he just grabbed him and gave him a shove back and I was so proud. When he got off the ice the guys were both signing autographs for the kids.... I asked him if he wanted one, his comment was no I have Todd's and the other guy was an ***hole and his kid was a fricken idiot..... Not usually words that come out of his mouth except when fighting his own brothers I was amazed but secretly I thought the same thing. Of course I told him to watch the language but if the shoe fits.... Maybe this is another reason to add to the I hate on the RedWings tourbus I ride on... LOL
Although I must say that Todd, the other former RedWing is a great guy, who when I was in grade 4 I had a crush on since he was my playday leader when he was in grade eight. But I will never tell him that... LOL So hockey tryouts are now in full swing after a messed up weekend finding the coach that was assigned fired, dismissed or whatever they did to him. Now new coaches, another former NHLer (not RedWings I think) but if he does make the cut I have to find money by next week to allow him to play. This is different from the last time he played for this team and I am not prepared with that kinda cash.... any ideas....$$ I thought of selling some books but unless I do a buy it now not gonna get the cash asap plus they hold it for so long before releasing it back to my account..... anyway......
The last thing I am going to say is Yeah Back to School next Monday!!!! My HockeyStar gets the teacher he wants.... LOL get this... he was almost a RedWing but blew his knee out during tryouts.... LOL I am surrounded by the Red and White.... and the Camper Boy gets a new to us teacher so we will see how that works out. RugbyGuy is getting ready for football.... he will be a senior this year, last year I guess he was too but he sat out all but 5 min of the final game with a broken collarbone injury which still includes a 3 inch titanium plate and 8 big honking screws to hold it together.

Well off for now...... oooops forgot to tell you.... I am gearing up for a little contest to get my blog rolling. I will be back later in Sept with the details but you need to follow now and bring friends to follow to get bonus points before you start. Please leave comments and follow me on twitter too... thanks Shell

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dancin on the Bed

Yep that was the site this afternoon when I finally got my first box of print books for review.... on the same day that I submitted my 100th review... so whooot whooot I am over the hump and ready to attack them at full force. Now not only am I listening to a cd version of a favorite authors newest book release which is surprisingly really great.... although I do get distracted.... but since I spent the bucks and bought the hard cover of this one last week too I can check on it if I miss something. As this is my first attempt at a cd version I hope I can do it justice.

Now the turmoil I have been going through this week has dulled to a calm. I cannot forsee the problem ever going away without a major facelift but for now I am OK..... not good but OK>Those of you who follow on twitter know that I have been having a few bad days at home here. Speaking of twitter, tweet deck has become my compulsion..... the friends I have met on twitter are really great and I appreciate getting followed back. A convo I had there this week included the lack of people following you back. If you take the time to follow and they comunicate with you on a regular basis it would be really nice to have been followed back. I understand those that do not autofollow but when you spend night after night in convo with a person it makes you feel bad when you have to ask for them to follow you so you can send them a DM. I just hope that those that I do follow do not ever take that against me and block me.... Please do not block me..... I get upset and cry and make a mess of my mascara..... LOL

Now I am going to sign off for the night.... listen to some more BMR and decide what I am going to do tomorrow while waiting for HockeyStar at hockeycamp. I have a full day to waste.... of course I will be reading but not sure at what to read.... take the laptop where the battery dies after an hour or two or take the manuscript that I have to review or maybe one of the arcs..... LOL yep thank you BBB for letting me get my fix of fantastic books by reviewing for you...... talk later.... as always please leave comments, send a friend and follow.... :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

HI HO HI HO Its off to TO I GO

Hi everyone.... this will probably not entail all the details of my recent excursion the the GTA but here is a glimpse of my mini vacay....
Sunday morning I hopped in the SUV and headed out of town..... unfortunately I had a couple of sidetracks and ended up an hour after I wanted to leave I was on my way.... The weather was gorgeous, sunroof open and all the windows down I flew down the 402 and 401 to Toronto to stay at my sister in laws. Getting on the phone Sunday night from there arrangements were made for a few get togethers that promised to be great. Then off to Walmart cause I forgot the basics, BO, mascara, nail polish. Settling down for the night we watched an amazing lightning show that I was told was the biggest in decades in the GTA.... on the 15th floor the view was fantastic and watching the purple streaks that were somehow horizontal then orange the next then even a pinky colour showed us the awesomeness of Gods gifts and powers. This kinda distracted me from the fact that HBO wasn't a channel available in the condo satelite package so I missed True Blood ( NOTE I watched it last night and whew.... is Eric getting sexier every episode or what?)
Monday morning I bright and early I headed down the 404 to Newmarket to get my hair done by the person who was most like a sister to me growing up... We have kinda kept in contact but just passing comments once in a blue moon and it had been about 18 or so years since we had seen each other........ We had a great chat and I left 3 hours later with some very disheartening revelations and purple foils in my hair.... not the crappy stuff that I had before just on the back this is full streaks of dark fusia/purple throughout... I love it!!!!! And I vow that I will stand by my friend, blood or not, to help in any way I can and that we will contact each other some how at least once a week.... I love this resolution and this is one I plan on keeping.
So now back to Tdot and a quick sandwich then I had to get ready for my big tweetup..... the reason I drove 4 hours.... To go to the booksigning in Oshawa, another hour drive in rush hour traffic, to meet and greet Sherrilyn Kenyon!! Yep that and to meet some other friends that I have met online.... Karen Dales, who gratiously drove us from Toronto to Oshawa, author of Angel of Death: Book One the Chosen.... if you haven't read it yet... please do so and check out my review over at Bitten By Books....Then I was to meet Oshawa's own Leah Braemel, who has two very sexy ebooks out right now, Personal Protection and Private Property, the first which will be out in print by Samhain publishing in March. While there before we even got to the signing Leah stumbled across another Samhain writer Anara Belle whom had comments about the abundance of Twilight promotional items sold at the Chapters store.
We were just glad it came to pass because of the storm I already told you about Sherrilyn's flight had been cancelled but she and her cohorts managed to get into town that morning as to not dissapoint any fans.....
When it came time to have the big signing commence we were treated to an added surprise of Dianna Love making the trek to the north with Sherrilyn and acting as MC for the night. Sherrilyn was sooooooooooooooooooo funny and entertaining and Dianna was her perfect compliment. I can see why they write so well together. Their humor was evident in every response from Sherry and Dianna's sometimes sarcastic remarks made the evening speed along. I even got to ask a couple questions in the Q & A session.... Her thoughts on the Twitter fiasco and whether she ever thought of coming out with a line of Tabby Lingerie? To the first I cannot repeat.... LOL and to the second it seems that if she veered to the designing of lingerie then we would not get to have her concentrate on the writing...... general thoughts of the crowd were hire a designer and keep writing. In no time we were in the line to have our books signed.... at that time, after the store had closed, they said no more than 3 items. As I had 5 things I wanted to get signed I was able to hand one off to Karen and asked Sherrilyn if she could do an extra..... not only did it get done but Dianna came over and wrote on one full side of the PB leaving just a small space on the facing side for Sherrilyn. I also had given her two book thongs. No I didn't give her the one that caused Ash to bite me... the dots are still on my hand BTW. One of Bad Moon Rising and the other of Bitten By Books..... She loved them and told me that she loves Bitten By Books and that just made my night.... :) I also got an Ash magna pin because I was one of the people who came the farthest .... one couple were from Edmonton, but they had been in Montreal for something else and decided to take a drive.... about the same as me, another was from the east coast but she had been there visiting and just decided to come so again meh not as dedicated as moi.... lol Oh yeah I also met Angela Patel another twitter friend.... she walked by and I spoke out hey Angela.... I was glad I was right and it was her.... she made Karens night too by purchasing a copy of her book.... I know she will enjoy it....
After a long day and so much excitement it was time to head home the next morning.... As I tossed all my stuff in the SUV my brother in law and I found a ticket on my car..... In all the excitement the day before I had forgotten to throw my permit back on the dash and in the dark they didn't see it sitting there on the seat...Hoping it is taken care of my BIL was going in to the office to take care of it...
While everything was back on track to head home I managed to make arrangements to have one last tweetup on the way home. JK Coi took time from her busy day to come and meet me for a beverage at the local Chapters nearest her. I was a bit early and managed to find 9 more books before she got there... LOL Then even though it had been her birthday last week I got the pressie when I got another really awesome autographed book to add to the AW (Autograph Wall). We had a nice time talking about things and plan on meeting up again hopefully soon if hockey goes the way we would like this year.
So I guess I better get on with my night... it has been really busy since I returned and next week I will be sitting in a vehicle reading while my son has hockey school. Talk later, and please drop me a comment and send over a friend to follow.... let me know what is going on with your life and what you think of when you have a chance to meet someone that you admire and are a fangurl or guy with. Thanks for viewing.... :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry I forgot

Last night while in the twitter world I found out about the destruction of the Louisville Kentucky Free Library by flooding. The entire lower level of the structure was flooded including several mobile libraries in the basement parking lot. There are several efforts going to help in the replacement of the books lost but Shiloh Walker is heading up one that I wanted to pass along to you. As I am in Canada the shipping of books is cost prohibitive to me and right now I have nothing monitary that I can donate. But I would like to help by getting the word out there. Shiloh and here friend have gratiously donated their time in accepting any donations of new or like new books to be held until the library can accept them. Anyone who can help please go to this link and let them know what you can do to help. Anything would be gratiously accepted. Thanks on behalf of all the people involved in the restocking of the bookshelves in the LKFL.


Lucky in some unlucky in others......

Hey everyone.... sorry it has been a while but I have compressed a lot in the last month. Half of my family, hubs and 2 youngest,Camper Boy and Hockey Star took off camping for 2 weeks. I never go anymore... why do you ask? Well last time I went 5 years ago... we were up near Sault St Marie Ontario and went into town for the day... we got back and were told that the wardens had gone through our stuff and had set a trap up in the next site... for what??? Full grown male black bear...Needless to say I didn't sleep at all for the next 4 days that we were there.... the next summer I backed out do to work and have been doing so ever and wild animals do not mix.... Unless we are talking shifters and then bring them on!!! But that is another story... To get back to the camping thing. This year they again went to upper Ontario, Elliott Lake. They use tents now, no hydro and usually where they pick no cell reception. And guess what ... they call to tell me they went to a yardsale... IN TOWN and a large black bear decided to check out the goodies too while they were there..... Nope.... no "Camping" for me anytime soon... LOL
So while they were gone Aeropostle Boy and Zamboni Man were the only two home. Man it was soooo cool to have quiet for 2 weeks.... AB was never home and ZM was working quite a bit. So what did I do since I didn't work on updating the blog....

I read.... submitted 30 reviews this month and personal reads of many of the books sitting and staring at me.... Thank you Angie Fox, the Biker Chicks are wonderful, Colette Gale... the tale of Maid Marion has never been so stimulating, Rachel Vincent.... wow I still get tears in my eyes when I look at the Prey book sitting on the shelf and JRWard... I never thought I would feel anything for the Reverend but once again you proved me wrong.... I cannot think of who else fit in there right now but needless to say it kept me quite busy all month.

And now today I had another adventure.... I have begun tweeking my former business of making italian bracelet links, since the fad is pretty much done, and am now making custom book thongs for my author friends. I started out withBitten By Books as a fundraiser (they are on ebay now--go buy one) and a test few of authors that I had won a book or contest from them recently and sent a few out. I am hoping that maybe someone would like to purchase some for giveaways or personal use to make a bit to supplement my book fetish. Anyway, to make these I have a tedious job of gluing then enamelling the charms and to hold them down flat I pin them down. Well today I fell while getting out of my bedroom. Put my hand down very hard and came up with two pins and an Acheron bead imbedded in my hand. The marks are still there.... I am gonna tell everyone they are fang marks... LOL Anyway after trip to emerg tonight I now found out that I did not imbed it into a vein as I thought, it took 10 min to stop bleeding, I punctured the tendon. So now left shoulder still hurting, they now think it is like tendonitus plus degenerative disease and left hand has bruised and punctured tendon. Nice..... so now when I go to get Sherrilyn Kenyon to sign my book next week I have a story to give her along with the book thong. Good thing about it is the drugs are good and I can take both the shoulder meds and hand meds at same time.... lol

So what else is new? Not a lot... my life is books and my hurting myself is about all there is.... Hockey tryouts for HS start next week plus he has hockey school so I will be sitting in a parking lot reading then... for my wants list I am getting really antsy about getting my hands on the next Shiloh Walker Hunters book. This series is one of my faves and I highly recommend it to anyone.... Hunters Edge is my fave so far but from the excerpts that I have been reading on Twitter Hunters Need will be amazing too.... I will keep you updated but alas it is not releasing till December.... but keep up the buzz and keep it on your radar. I am also anxciously awaiting my copy of Demon Inside by Stacia Kane.... can't wait to dig in there too... It will keep me busy for a day or two while I count off the days till I can get my Hunter fix... LOL

Anyway I better sign off.....please leave a comment... I would love to hear what you think... and send some friends to follow.... thanks for your time....

Shell the Hockeyvampiress

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter

Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter

OK must say that if this works.... this pic redone is of one of my fave Andrew McCarthy movies of which I am a huge fangurl of....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where have I been hiding????

Hi Everyone, Well it has been a while, but as you can see by my link updates I have been here just not in full blog mode.....
What is new with the Hockeyvampiress.... #1 I kept my word till almost the very end..... I did tune in to game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals....They sucked by the way..... worst captain evvvvvaaaaa...... needs to grow up, grow some balls and facial hair. I have nothing against the rest of the team and good on them but really have no use for poster boy Crybaby Sinderella.

This weekend though besides a cool tweetup that I will go into later I was treated to some awesome hockey courtesy of the Border City Bandits who by the way wore my Buffalo Sabres colours. My #3 son played with a very elite select team of boys from Ontario and Michigan in Toronto. These boys have never played a game together before, only had 3 practices and not all the boys attended the practices for whatever reason. They jumped out of the gate with a 6-0 win then had a heartbreaker tie game, the other team tied with a minute left. Then the next morning they had a 0-0 game until the last 2 min..... unfortunately they got a wierd goal where the puck curved like a knuckleball and then got another when we pulled the goalie. Next game they won 3-2 to a great team from Buffalo. This left us in 4th but still in the AA championship pool. Sunday morning we woke up to find the boys facing the team we lost too in round robin play. They pulled out all the stops and ended regulation with a 3-3 tie. Overtime saw us with a quick goal while playing 3 on 3 hockey (my son setting up the goal) and placed us in the finals against the team we tied in RR. Jumping out to a quick lead the boys let it coast for a bit allowing them to catch up but with minutes left #3 set up the game winner again. Congrats boys on winning the Summer Meltdown tourney in the AA division. Oh yeah and on another hockey note..... I was more than a little dissapointed that for the first year I was in Toronto while the NHL awards were on and they moved them to Las Vegas..... Just not fair!!!!!

Tomorrow is the NHL draft. I wish all the luck to the young men up for grabs.... to London Knight John Tavarres good luck at going to a team you are worthy for and for the boys from the Sarnia Sting up for consideration..... the SSEC will be blasting the horn with every name chosen. Hopefully my Buffalo Sabres will be able to pick up some more great young talent.

Now the other reason that the Toronto trip was sooooo eventful is that I got to meet new author extrodinair Karen Dales. We met up.... I got a pressie, She got a pressie, we talked, my #4 son drank 3 Starbucks Ice Teas..... LOL The book BTW is amazing..... my quote for Bitten By Books is on the first inside page and on the back cover. If you can run out and get it now!!! I can't say enough about this book. I will have the links at the side --> --> of my blog. Oh yeah and my review at Bitten By Books is live.... please check it out vote and leave a comment..... I love fan mail !!

Another book friend from Ontario is Leah Braemel. She is having a rather largish OK HUGE birthday bash for the month of JULY.... She has gathered up some amazing authors to do guest blogs, contests and other fun stuff for the whole month..... guest list includes the above mentioned Karen Dales, Ann Aguirre, Beth Kery and starting it off a little early tomorrow is Jaci Burton..... whooooot whhhoooooot..... I wish I could pull a few over here for a party too!!! PLease follow the link again at the side --> --> and get in on the contest.

Well better go now.... off for my massage.... yeah to the Doc I got him to agree to an MRI and I have one booked in a couple of weeks.... at 9:30 PM..... Anyway it will get done and hopefully find out what is up with this shoulder finally. Now my foot needs looked at too..... one little twist... Anyway I hope you visit both Karens and Leahs pages.... Thanks for visiting and please send a friend and leave a comment....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's new today

Wow if I had a million dollars!!! Today is a high :) day for me as a fan of the paranormal. My wish list for today alone could top over 200 bucks I think if I had to pay full price instead of sale prices. The question is with only 25$ in amazon gift cards what is a girl to do...?

The much awaited Laurell K Hamilton tops the list with Skin Trade.... MMMMMmm Anita and her sexy men are back....
Dakota Cassidy has a new one out called Kiss and Hell..... she is also over at Bitten By Books today...maybe I can win this one and save some dough.... lol
heres the link....

Cheyenne McCray has Demons not Allowed out today. I love her books and this is a new series but of the same species as her Magic series. Loved that series....

Emma Holly has Kissing Midnight a uypr novel

Lara Adrian has another midnight story Ashes to Midnight continues the fantastic series

Alyssa Day is another I have been interested in for a while and she has Atlantis Unleashed today

Yasmine Galenorn has Demon Mistress for release today but I already picked it up last Sat .... I just got into this series and absolutely love it. If you are looking for strong leading lady characters this is your book the D'Artigo sisters are fanfrickentastic. She may be making a stop over at BBB soon so check her out!!

Anya Bast has another Elemental Witch book out called Witch Fury

OOOh almost forgot the Jackie Kessler / Caitlyn Kitteridge Black and White looks good too

And although I am not jumping out to get these ones. I know a lot of People will be interested that there is a new Rachel Caine book out, (shes on my TBR), Mary Janice Davidson, Charlaine Harris, Toni Andrews (another I want to get into)and a few more.....

I hate to look past today but there is the final Drake Sisters book from Christine Feehan coming by the end of the month , an anthology with Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs among others, and sooooooooooo many more.

I am lost in thought at how much this is gonna cost me.... how many I can find at walmart or the grocery store to sneek in with the groceries and how many I can sneek online and use the hubby's credit card

Well gotta go drool over my list. I know I have missed some and I am truly sorry but still groggy from the sleeping pills last night and just not up to full speed yet. LOL

Let me know if I missed anything good....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

OK last and final day Sunday to enter to win the Kindle 2 from Ethan and Christine Rose

And Bitten By Books

And now I just have a short message for the day. READ YOUR EMAILS properly!!! I mad the mistake of only seeing what I thought was there and pissed someone off. I try not to piss people off but in this case I overstepped my bounds and maybe my welcome. If I truly offend PLZ let me know and I will make it right.... sorry stopping to take deep breath and stop trickling liquid from my eye. I have not had so much fun and made so many friends in like EVER than this last month. I also have had too many lows that the giddyness I get from the highs make me come off as a showoff etc. Believe me I am not..... I love to read and I love contests..... I have a need to win as I was never allowed to compete in anything as a child, never allowed to do so many things others in my family were allowed to do. Instead I was the one who only had one friend at a time.... and when that friend moved on they always did, I usually found another. I haven't hung out with someone or had a girls night out in over 3 years and before that maybe another 6 or 7. Sorry waterworks are flowing now and I can't stop typing even though I can't see the keys or the page...... I have wandered from my initial intentions with this blog..... What I want to say is thank you for those who have friended me and I hope you understand when I rant or vent a bit about fairness and squuuuuueeeeee when I win something..... Books.... Books are good!!! Tell me to calm down.... I will leak a bit of salty water but I will be back tomorrow.... I have lived that way all my life why stop now!?

I better go now.... thanks for stopping by and listening to my sob story. Leave comments if you visit and thanks again..... Shell

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just stopping by to say Hey

Not much to say today but want everyone to continue to check out and enter the WWYD4AK2 contest by bitten by books and Rowan of the Wood authors Christine and Ethan Rose....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whats fair is fair right??

OK not too much to go on today but want to talk a bit about the rugby finals my 16 yo played in Sunday night. They dominated the other team which was undefeated, out played them and actually out scored them....why then did they loose??
Well there is one major factor.... they had an ace in th hole. We scored 2 tries that were counted, they scored 3 that were counted..... actual tries scored were us 4 them 2.....
They had one try that was counted as good.... in rugby unlike football you must place the ball anywhere in the end zone... emphasis on place. The kid threw the ball and my son kicked it up then covered it before it touched the ground. NOT a try our ball.... um not according to the powers that be.... 2 of our tries were placed down and in while in a maul. Both times he gave the other team the ball and said we were not in the end. 2 other times we were within 4 feet and he whistled it and gave them the ball. Unfortuantely we had already lost possession of the ball and because of the rules of a maul we should have gotten the ball back.
Now to speak of the ace in their hole..... the ref was a teacher, and rugby coach for said school. Nothing like bringing in a ringer..... I had my sons friends record the entire game and within 5 min there was double digit fouls on the other team not called. At one point right in front of the ref one kid got kicked in the face and another bitch slapped open handed..... there were as my son liked to say too many ball grabbers....LOL enough to say that the game was a farce. They had no chance in any way shape or form.
To make matters worse the boys still do not get to go to OFFSSA which is provincial finals because the teacher who is in charge doesn't want to waste her time and told the boys they were not worth it. Nice teacher eh??? They pick them really good here.

In other events I am just reading and writing, reviews not my book, and not much else. Go to bitten by books and check out todays fun event with Mark Henry the vlog is hilarious

And I have sent several OK 4 videos for the Bitten By Books / Rowan of the Wood Kindle 2 contest.....

Thanks to Diane and Tanya for their help and BTW... I got a cramp in my leg so I had some trouble getting up on the counter...... LOL

Anyway I will be back.... let me know what I can do to make you enjoy this blog more.... tell a friend... Oh and vote on the best paranormal series while you are at BBB

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair hair hair

I forgot to add that my hair today for the vid in the store was compliments of my sons.... I was giving it a trim today and asked my 16 yo to even it across the back and take an inch off.... he cuts and hands me a 6 inch piece.... as I am screaming..... LOL then he tried to even it off and it ends up about 7 inches shorter all together.... that is after my 12 yo had to come even it off yet again to make it actually even.... that and the fact that the red is washing out and now it looks like a pinky salmon..... UUuggg
Thank you that after the boys play rugby tomorrow I can go back to the blonde with purple (that is the opposing teams colours) her is their chant.... check out my boys!!!


What Would You Do For a Kindle Two?

Hi everyone.... Shell here.... been a busy week trying to get loads of stuff done....Not getting much accomplished but anyway.

First if you have not been to the Bitten By Books Birthday Bash you are an ijiot.....GO NOW..... so many fun events everyday you will not be dissapointed....except me... still want a tote bag!!! Hint hint if anyone is reading that draws the names. LOL
The major event right now is the kindle 2 video event. Well you do not have to make a video but I have done 3 now..... I really want the sucka.... the latest is as we speak loading on youtube. Here are the links....

This is me dancing on the counter after buying a box of Count Chocula.....

This is the event at Bitten By Books
You can leave a comment and still get in the draw.....

And here are some other events Interview and fun with Mark Henry

Now for some other news. I recently made a cyber friend and luckily ended up reviewing her soon to be released debut novel..... Not giving my review or anything away but It was Fricken Awesome... and there is the slight possibilty that my review may find its way on to the cover of her novel..... SWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!
Check the info out here for Karen Dales book Angel of Death : Book One the Chosen....

Well hockey is not going the way I want so I am blocking that thought from my mind....although Chicago did pull off a win the other night.... still hope??

I will be screaming at the rugby finals with my 16 yo playing winger. He will prob play the whole game and we will hopefully get a win.... If not we have a fight on our hands.... The boys qualified with their semi final win for the AAA finals. The teacher that is in charge told them that if they don't win tomorrow they are not allowed to go to the AAA finals even though they are qualified. She has been nothing but a wet towel all year. The coach of the team we are playing tomorrow is also a "good friend" of hers and her coach so I am wondering where her loyalty lies. It is certainly not with these boys who have battled through a rough season only to have her throw in the towel early. I hate when the teachers have their own agenda and it does not include the feelings or welfare of the students she is supposed to be teaching. What does that teach someone to sell them out at this point.

Well I am going to sign off and make some bookmarks..... reading The Immortal Hunter by Lynsay Sands and it is wonderful and fun like the rest of the Argeneau series and then for review I have the new Nina Bangs book Eternal Craving.... another hit!!!

Bye for now and to my American friends please have a safe and happy holiday...... :)

Shell the Hockeyvampiress

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello to everyone on the day after May two-four

Hey everyone....been a busy few days and today will be no exception.... First and very important.... GO TO YOUR BOOKSTORE AND BUY BAD TO THE BONE TODAY!! Yep the awaited Jeri Smith-Ready sequel to Wicked Game is on your bookshelves today. Please let me know what you think. Jeri is a really nice person and as a member of her street team I would love to give her feedback. Plus the book is killer too..... And you MUST meet Dexter....he is the ultimate vampire animal!!! GGRRRRRRR!!!

Now some other exciting news from over this long weekend here in Canada. I am honored to be getting quoted from one of my recent reviews on the book itself of an up and coming Canadian author in the paranormal. The book is fantastic, very mature and very very excellent!!! The book is from Karen Dales and it is called Angel of Death: Book 1 of the Chosen. Coming out
June 8 2009. Anyone interested in going to her book launch on July 5 let me know and I can get you the deets plus there is a book signing on June 13 if you are in the Toronto area. Wow I am so excited..... I read all the time and just recently took the plunge to start officially reviewing books for Bitten By Books and am having the time of my life.....

Hockey update.....well we gave them the first game each in the conference series' but gonna kick it into high gear starting tonight.....

Well today I am off to check out if Jeri's books made it to my local store and take pics.... then off to rugby.... the boys and I may be doing a video for WWYD4AK2 contest by Christine and Ethan Rose and Bitten By Books..... TTYL

Biker Witch Birthday Bash! We are 1 Today!

Biker Witch Birthday Bash! We are 1 Today!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16 What a good day for......

OK sooooo many things have happened in my life on this day in the past. I guess I must say that the year that it affected my life the most was 22 years ago today I was married just down the street from where I have lived since that day. Yes I am still with hubby......although many days I wonder why? LOL but in any case still sticking in there. Even though that day may have never come to pass if my cousin had gotten his wish. My fave cousin who is no longer with us, came down to the basement of the church where I was waiting to go up with my Dad..... he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me to the doors saying that we had to get out of there. He wanted to help me escape. MMMMmmmmm???? maybe should have listened and let him pull a little harder. Well I guess it is neither here nor there cause I am still exactly where I was back then in a crummy house that I hate which now boasts the neighbour from hell and still working a menial retail job.
So what else happened to me on this day in history besides my walk..... well it is also my Uncles birthday and the day his wife my special Aunt passed away, the same anniversary as the couple who I grew up across the street for and helped out with so many things in my life, and this year it is the big 125 anniversary of my highschool which I still live within 50 ft. of.
I was in the 100th graduating class so I guess it should have been a big deal but I went over looked around and nothing seemed to have changed much. Even some of the teachers were still there.... the "DECADES" room for my generation was a farce. The person in charge is a very in your face I am perfect kinda person and she graduated at the end of the decade. Well anyone who graduated in the first 8 years of the 80's was not even displayed, I guess because no one stepped up to donate....well I could have filled the room myself with more memorbillia than she had all together. I guess maybe they should have put someone else in charge that could co-operate with others instead of giving orders and maybe there would have been more things donated for display. LOL

So the rest of my day was spent driving my son to his girlfriends for a party and doing some shopping and going out to dinner. Nothing spectacular but I did manage to find a second hand store and got a bag O books..... I love my books..... Speaking of that I am signing off to read a bit and finish a couple of reviews before hubby comes upstairs to bug me..... no hockey today. Gotta wait until tomorrow to here me rant, or not if Chicago wins!! :) TTYL

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey Everyone..... well day 2 in my new blog world has had its ups and downs already.....

Number one..... OK where were the hockey Gods and Goddess' this week. Like come on.....I really am hating on this years match ups for the semis's. Like do we have to see the Dead Wings one more time go to the final..... last year they couldn't even sell out the arena during the post season.!!! And I will not go there talking about the CryBaby and his pretty boys in baby blue???!!! Enough said that their third jersey is a sissy girly colour that is only worn by men under the age of 3 . I guess my only hope for a best senario is for Chicago to go on.... would have liked to see Boston and Chicago, although not a fan of either the only thing I do not like about them is that for Boston anyway their anouncers are extremely annoying!!! Chicago I can live with winning..... PAtrick Kane is a native of Buffalo, my fave team, and Brian Campbell used to play for them and grew up a half hour from me. He also plays summer ball with a friend of mine so yeah Go Chicago!!! The other thing that would let me vote for them is that they are the fave team of my friend Leon.... he has the connections that are going to get my son to the big show.... or at least to the opening act in about 5 or 6 years........ Go Border City Bandits........!!!!

Now on to what else is going on today in my little piece of the world. I have been to physio, been to the Doc and had a cortezone injection in my shoulder and am now relaxing until I have to go to work this afternoon and then take my son to work at 11 pm tonight..... so in the meantime I will be reviewing a couple of books and checking in on one of my fave authors interviews today. Bitten By Books has turned 1 year old this May and I am a new reviewer for this site. My first review was up for the lauded 1000 review to be posted but I ended up in 4th or 5th in the end after some amazing authors. Mine was an anthology by Elora's Cave and was quite hot!!! It will be posted sometime soon I hope.
Anyway today is an extra special day for me at Bitten By Books..... the Author interview of the day is Jeri Smith-Ready and I had the honour of reviewing her first "series" of books. The Crow series by Jeri is an awesome read and everyone who loves a great "story" needs to read the series. My reviews of the three books are now my first live reviews to be posted to Bitten By Books and the fact that I hope a lot of people will be reading them today is fantastic.!! I hope everyone can stop by and enter the contest and leave comments for the prizes and also on my reviews. The better the feedback the more confident I will be at continuing to write my own work in progress.
Check out the contest and the reviews here!!!

Oh yeah did I tell you that Dexter the vampire dog is going to be there with Jeri today and so is Antoine!!

And finally here are my reviews

Thanks for stopping by and listening...... luv ya!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow I am really blogging!!

Well Hello everyone who may come across my first blog...... Wow where to start?? How about I tell you a little bit about myself.....

Mom of 4 boys and one angel.....
Love paranormal book reading.....
Love hockey and watching my sons sports.....
and??? I am a new reviewer for Bitten By Books an amazing site with soooo much paranormal book information and cool contests too...

I guess I want to say what is on my mind today. Well since my fave Buffalo Sabres didn't make it into the playoffs I have had to switch teams to cheer for someone new this playoff season. Well as of last night both the teams I wanted to go to the finals are out.... and 2 of the teams I very much dislike are still in and I am praying to the heavens that they are not the final two...again this year...!!! Yes I do have faves, have those I don't mind but there are 4 teams I hate with a passion..... the Pens, the Sens, the Devs and Detroit. Sorry nothing will ever make me change.... the reasoning is lengthy and maybe not sound but it works for me. I do not like the little crybaby who everyone thinks is all that..... there are others just as good if not better OMO but I can't stand the people who just fawn over him..... and yes I have seen him play in person during the fabulous first ever Winter Classic that everything was perfect except for the score and the little dweeb who scored it..... As for the other teams I just don't like them.... nuf said, they may have had players that I have not liked their way of play and that is why I dislike them but any way I still do..... hey I am a hockey mom I am very opinionated in regards to my hockey!!!

Now todays sport wasn't hockey it was rugby. I am just learning this sport but am getting into it..... or would have been today if not for gale force winds and torrential downpours that stopped about 45 min after we got there. This is after a long hour drive almost going off the road several times...LOL but anyway they cancelled all but 2 teams so the boys got to play in the mud.... big piles of mud and water ..... enough to say my car is getting detailed inside and out on the weekend. They had fun anyway and what more do you want?

Well that covers my hockey and rugby musings so I will briefly narrate on my other passion..... reading and writing paranormal. I am currently beginning my first attempt since highschool (which was 25years ago) at writing. It is of course vamp fiction and hopefully I will get it published someday..... if not maybe I can post chapters here now and then. For now I am getting my little bits in reviewing for a fabulous site called Bitten By Books.... you all must go there and check it out. Reviews, interviews and awesome contests abound and the people there are so fun to talk to and are very encouraging. In any case I am going to go now and work on some reviews.... let me know what you think .... thanks
Shell the Hockeyvampiress