Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry I forgot

Last night while in the twitter world I found out about the destruction of the Louisville Kentucky Free Library by flooding. The entire lower level of the structure was flooded including several mobile libraries in the basement parking lot. There are several efforts going to help in the replacement of the books lost but Shiloh Walker is heading up one that I wanted to pass along to you. As I am in Canada the shipping of books is cost prohibitive to me and right now I have nothing monitary that I can donate. But I would like to help by getting the word out there. Shiloh and here friend have gratiously donated their time in accepting any donations of new or like new books to be held until the library can accept them. Anyone who can help please go to this link and let them know what you can do to help. Anything would be gratiously accepted. Thanks on behalf of all the people involved in the restocking of the bookshelves in the LKFL.


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  1. I plan on making a donation. Its sad to hear they had such damage.