Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lucky in some unlucky in others......

Hey everyone.... sorry it has been a while but I have compressed a lot in the last month. Half of my family, hubs and 2 youngest,Camper Boy and Hockey Star took off camping for 2 weeks. I never go anymore... why do you ask? Well last time I went 5 years ago... we were up near Sault St Marie Ontario and went into town for the day... we got back and were told that the wardens had gone through our stuff and had set a trap up in the next site... for what??? Full grown male black bear...Needless to say I didn't sleep at all for the next 4 days that we were there.... the next summer I backed out do to work and have been doing so ever and wild animals do not mix.... Unless we are talking shifters and then bring them on!!! But that is another story... To get back to the camping thing. This year they again went to upper Ontario, Elliott Lake. They use tents now, no hydro and usually where they pick no cell reception. And guess what ... they call to tell me they went to a yardsale... IN TOWN and a large black bear decided to check out the goodies too while they were there..... Nope.... no "Camping" for me anytime soon... LOL
So while they were gone Aeropostle Boy and Zamboni Man were the only two home. Man it was soooo cool to have quiet for 2 weeks.... AB was never home and ZM was working quite a bit. So what did I do since I didn't work on updating the blog....

I read.... submitted 30 reviews this month and personal reads of many of the books sitting and staring at me.... Thank you Angie Fox, the Biker Chicks are wonderful, Colette Gale... the tale of Maid Marion has never been so stimulating, Rachel Vincent.... wow I still get tears in my eyes when I look at the Prey book sitting on the shelf and JRWard... I never thought I would feel anything for the Reverend but once again you proved me wrong.... I cannot think of who else fit in there right now but needless to say it kept me quite busy all month.

And now today I had another adventure.... I have begun tweeking my former business of making italian bracelet links, since the fad is pretty much done, and am now making custom book thongs for my author friends. I started out withBitten By Books as a fundraiser (they are on ebay now--go buy one) and a test few of authors that I had won a book or contest from them recently and sent a few out. I am hoping that maybe someone would like to purchase some for giveaways or personal use to make a bit to supplement my book fetish. Anyway, to make these I have a tedious job of gluing then enamelling the charms and to hold them down flat I pin them down. Well today I fell while getting out of my bedroom. Put my hand down very hard and came up with two pins and an Acheron bead imbedded in my hand. The marks are still there.... I am gonna tell everyone they are fang marks... LOL Anyway after trip to emerg tonight I now found out that I did not imbed it into a vein as I thought, it took 10 min to stop bleeding, I punctured the tendon. So now left shoulder still hurting, they now think it is like tendonitus plus degenerative disease and left hand has bruised and punctured tendon. Nice..... so now when I go to get Sherrilyn Kenyon to sign my book next week I have a story to give her along with the book thong. Good thing about it is the drugs are good and I can take both the shoulder meds and hand meds at same time.... lol

So what else is new? Not a lot... my life is books and my hurting myself is about all there is.... Hockey tryouts for HS start next week plus he has hockey school so I will be sitting in a parking lot reading then... for my wants list I am getting really antsy about getting my hands on the next Shiloh Walker Hunters book. This series is one of my faves and I highly recommend it to anyone.... Hunters Edge is my fave so far but from the excerpts that I have been reading on Twitter Hunters Need will be amazing too.... I will keep you updated but alas it is not releasing till December.... but keep up the buzz and keep it on your radar. I am also anxciously awaiting my copy of Demon Inside by Stacia Kane.... can't wait to dig in there too... It will keep me busy for a day or two while I count off the days till I can get my Hunter fix... LOL

Anyway I better sign off.....please leave a comment... I would love to hear what you think... and send some friends to follow.... thanks for your time....

Shell the Hockeyvampiress


  1. Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope it heals quickly.

    I love your book thongs. I am going to check out the one for BBB. I loved the ones I saw before with Dakota Cassidy's books on it.

    I know its not as popular anymore but I love my italian charm braclet.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to see Sherrilyn Kenyon. I am so jealous. I want to go see her. I just finished her book Bad Moon Rising and I loved it. I am going to post about it tomorrow. Too tired tonight.

    Off to bed.

  2. Hi :)
    You made it to my dinky little town 5 years ago, yay!
    Sorry about the fall/wound/diagnosis.
    Loved the pic of the thongs.
    Wishing you and yours all the best,

  3. Oh, owie owie owie on the arm and hand, Shell! I saw on twitter that you'd been having some pain but I hadn't heard what had happened.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you in person on Monday. You take care of yourself.