Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ramblings about stuff.....

Well bloggers.... I am in the middle of glueing my fingers together and had to stop and drool over my fave vamp portrayer.... Stuart Townsend.... I needed to find a pic for something I am ordering and came across this hottie.... Some say he was not the best of the best when it came to his portrayal but the bottom line is he followed the direction of the director and he obviously wanted him verrrrra pale and almost vulnerable and human. I am an avid reader of all paranormal but must admit am not always the first in line for the movie versions. This week will of course find me checking out Twilight despite myself. I did enjoy the books but find it overwhelming when it comes to the blanket marketing of anything and everything that may or may not concern the sparkly vamps. Come on..... Godiva chocolate? Um no I don't think so..... now on another marketing genious I must say I love the new True Blood ads running on TV for the upsoming season.... the hunters in the forest is my fave... LOL soooooo funny.

Well I have a busy work week this week and I pile of books to get done before the end of the month. Bree Despain has chosen me to help out with the street team for The Dark Devine and I am just diving into it right now.... so far very intriguing.... stay tuned for more information. Then I will be doing a beta read, several reviews and have picked up a few new releases that are staring at me on the massive TBR pile like the geico money bundle.....

I have to make a comment about my hockey team... the Buffalo Sabres who are rocking at the top of the Northeast division and finally took care of my #1 sons fave Philly Flyers last night.... keep it going guys.... I love you Ryan.... Now the team my son is playing is not doing as well but there are improvements being seen.... too bad after 16 games into the season/preseason they have never played with a full roster yet.... hoping all are healthy for the trip to Monroe Mi in 2 weeks.

Anyone wanting information about the bookthongs... which I have a 99% positive feedback on.... the one (percent) sending a very negative and unprofessional email to me..... In any case the glue is now dry on this batch and I need to get them all glued for the current orders tonight so I can start enamelling tomorrow. You can follow me on twitter and DM me your email . Thanks again for following this random blog.... Shell

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book Thongs..... get your Book Thongs

Hi Everyone.... I am sending this email out to see if anyone is interested in purchasing some of the handcrafted enamel bookthongs I make for promo gifts or for your own personal use. I can make them from any picture you want. Book covers, children, pets, dream guys... LOL I have made some and sent them out as samples to a few people and the comments have been great. Custom colours for beading and for the ribbon done on clear beads that have reduced size pic enamelled on the bead. They have been vlogged about on Dakota Cassidy's site and have been selling for a fundraising effort for Bitten By Books on their ebay site.

Here is the ebay site but this one has already sold.... but you can get the idea.

Also I have talked about them on my blog, here... lol There you will see the pic of the pins I ended up puncturing my tendons with while making them to take to the Sherrilyn Kenyon signing... LOL Attatched are another couple of pics..... OK now for the costs.

Order of 1 $5
2-5 $4 each
6-20 $ 3.50 each
21 -50 $ 3.00 each
51 + $2.50 each

You do not have to use the same pic for each..... you could order 25 different ones if you want. Please though, have permission to use the pic from the author or artist if you are ordering. Unless you are ordering as a gift for said author LOL. I can have them ready to be shipped within about 2 weeks.... this gives the pics time to dry properly before enamelling and the enamel time to cure. Shipping would be included in these prices. Thank you for your interest. I am trying to raise enough money to allow me to attend RT next April/May as my 45th birthday present to myself. Please ask if you have any other questions I am ready to negotiate. Thank you for your time and please feel free to forward this to anyone you might feel has an interest in this item. Thanks again Shell the Hockeyvampiress

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last chance at a great contest..... or two

OK final minutes left to comment and play some games with Ava Gray and Skin Games..... you could win one of the new Nooks.... I need some nookie and playing some skin games is the best way to get my hands on some.... BTW I am new to Ann's books having only read one.... Blue Diablo but I am in love with her characters in that book and would love to add another to the list....

Oh yeah and there is still time to catch some prizes at the Bitten By Books Halloween Bash.... there was a hangover of prizes... LOL, plus some other goodies like a Lori Handeland contest, this months polls, a book talk contest and sooooo much more

Thats all for now.... enjoy.....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just another November day....

Hey everyone..... hoping my blog problems are now over and wanted to leave a brief note on the end of October and the start of a new month. Right now my sons hockey is in full swing.... having some late nights of travel and today an early morning. The boys are doing what they can to come together but because of a few weak links it is just not producing to their potential.... too bad cause a bunch of the kids really deserve to be on a winning team but so far no W's are in the column.
Now on to some fun stuff..... my fave topic books books books..... As many of you know I had the very special opportunity to have a night with Colleen Gleason when she came to my town for a visit. It ended up pretty informal and was more like a chat as people came and went then we went for a coffee after along with her Mom..... great ladies both......
I might have already talked about that but it was so fun I hope you don't mind me repeating. Book reviews are going strong but with my laptop in for repair over a week now I am going through withdrawal.... no more late nights at the laptop, reading, reviewing and twittering. Can't stay on the desktop here very long before my shoulder starts to ache and my back as well.... the chair is not the best. I have started in the judging portion of the Dark Idol contest. I have a feeling my likes are not that similar to any of the other judges as my fave was not as popular with the other judges but I stand by my decision and still think it will be a great book so if you submitted and never got the nod please don't stop, keep going and pushing yourself to go for it. That leads me to those participating in NaNoWriMo..... I wish I had the time to participate this year but without my laptop and the time constraints right now there is no chance. Good luck to those able to take the time to attempt that dream.
Now I must talk about another contest that is near and dear to my heart.... yep I wanna win but I too want to let you know that this contest is a countdown to an amazing book..... I was priviledged to review and can`t wait to get a hard copy to add to my permanent book shelf. That book is Shiloh Walker`s Hunter`s Need. Please make sure you add it to your December book list cause you will not be dissappointed. Here is the link to the contest if you want to join the fun....

Check out the 30 days of Giveaways Countdown to Hunter`s Need

Oh yeah there is another big contest you all need to check out.... it is over at the Fangs Fur and Fey blog and first prize is a kindle.... yah I still have nothing to read my books on and I really need one but I would love to help someone on their way to win one as well.... check out the blog at.....

The only other excitement I have had this week is the opportunity to do a quick beta read for a fellow twitter friend..... it was really cool and I think I am getting better at this as I expand my portfolio of writing and editing experience.... plus it was a great read and really fun.... LOL

Now I am going to once again get down to work and try and get a review or two done.... thanks for stopping by this brief blog about nothing in particular..... What does everyone have on tap for the month of November.... I will be heading to Michigan for the US Thanksgiving for a hockey tournament but other than work and getting some stuff done around the house not much on tap for me..... talk later ..... Shell