Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ramblings about stuff.....

Well bloggers.... I am in the middle of glueing my fingers together and had to stop and drool over my fave vamp portrayer.... Stuart Townsend.... I needed to find a pic for something I am ordering and came across this hottie.... Some say he was not the best of the best when it came to his portrayal but the bottom line is he followed the direction of the director and he obviously wanted him verrrrra pale and almost vulnerable and human. I am an avid reader of all paranormal but must admit am not always the first in line for the movie versions. This week will of course find me checking out Twilight despite myself. I did enjoy the books but find it overwhelming when it comes to the blanket marketing of anything and everything that may or may not concern the sparkly vamps. Come on..... Godiva chocolate? Um no I don't think so..... now on another marketing genious I must say I love the new True Blood ads running on TV for the upsoming season.... the hunters in the forest is my fave... LOL soooooo funny.

Well I have a busy work week this week and I pile of books to get done before the end of the month. Bree Despain has chosen me to help out with the street team for The Dark Devine and I am just diving into it right now.... so far very intriguing.... stay tuned for more information. Then I will be doing a beta read, several reviews and have picked up a few new releases that are staring at me on the massive TBR pile like the geico money bundle.....

I have to make a comment about my hockey team... the Buffalo Sabres who are rocking at the top of the Northeast division and finally took care of my #1 sons fave Philly Flyers last night.... keep it going guys.... I love you Ryan.... Now the team my son is playing is not doing as well but there are improvements being seen.... too bad after 16 games into the season/preseason they have never played with a full roster yet.... hoping all are healthy for the trip to Monroe Mi in 2 weeks.

Anyone wanting information about the bookthongs... which I have a 99% positive feedback on.... the one (percent) sending a very negative and unprofessional email to me..... In any case the glue is now dry on this batch and I need to get them all glued for the current orders tonight so I can start enamelling tomorrow. You can follow me on twitter and DM me your email . Thanks again for following this random blog.... Shell

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