Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book Thongs..... get your Book Thongs

Hi Everyone.... I am sending this email out to see if anyone is interested in purchasing some of the handcrafted enamel bookthongs I make for promo gifts or for your own personal use. I can make them from any picture you want. Book covers, children, pets, dream guys... LOL I have made some and sent them out as samples to a few people and the comments have been great. Custom colours for beading and for the ribbon done on clear beads that have reduced size pic enamelled on the bead. They have been vlogged about on Dakota Cassidy's site and have been selling for a fundraising effort for Bitten By Books on their ebay site.


Here is the ebay site but this one has already sold.... but you can get the idea.


Also I have talked about them on my blog, here... lol There you will see the pic of the pins I ended up puncturing my tendons with while making them to take to the Sherrilyn Kenyon signing... LOL Attatched are another couple of pics..... OK now for the costs.

Order of 1 $5
2-5 $4 each
6-20 $ 3.50 each
21 -50 $ 3.00 each
51 + $2.50 each

You do not have to use the same pic for each..... you could order 25 different ones if you want. Please though, have permission to use the pic from the author or artist if you are ordering. Unless you are ordering as a gift for said author LOL. I can have them ready to be shipped within about 2 weeks.... this gives the pics time to dry properly before enamelling and the enamel time to cure. Shipping would be included in these prices. Thank you for your interest. I am trying to raise enough money to allow me to attend RT next April/May as my 45th birthday present to myself. Please ask if you have any other questions I am ready to negotiate. Thank you for your time and please feel free to forward this to anyone you might feel has an interest in this item. Thanks again Shell the Hockeyvampiress

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  1. Bad-fricken-ass!! These are AWESOME! We'd love to carry some around the country with us!