Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16 What a good day for......

OK sooooo many things have happened in my life on this day in the past. I guess I must say that the year that it affected my life the most was 22 years ago today I was married just down the street from where I have lived since that day. Yes I am still with hubby......although many days I wonder why? LOL but in any case still sticking in there. Even though that day may have never come to pass if my cousin had gotten his wish. My fave cousin who is no longer with us, came down to the basement of the church where I was waiting to go up with my Dad..... he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me to the doors saying that we had to get out of there. He wanted to help me escape. MMMMmmmmm???? maybe should have listened and let him pull a little harder. Well I guess it is neither here nor there cause I am still exactly where I was back then in a crummy house that I hate which now boasts the neighbour from hell and still working a menial retail job.
So what else happened to me on this day in history besides my walk..... well it is also my Uncles birthday and the day his wife my special Aunt passed away, the same anniversary as the couple who I grew up across the street for and helped out with so many things in my life, and this year it is the big 125 anniversary of my highschool which I still live within 50 ft. of.
I was in the 100th graduating class so I guess it should have been a big deal but I went over looked around and nothing seemed to have changed much. Even some of the teachers were still there.... the "DECADES" room for my generation was a farce. The person in charge is a very in your face I am perfect kinda person and she graduated at the end of the decade. Well anyone who graduated in the first 8 years of the 80's was not even displayed, I guess because no one stepped up to donate....well I could have filled the room myself with more memorbillia than she had all together. I guess maybe they should have put someone else in charge that could co-operate with others instead of giving orders and maybe there would have been more things donated for display. LOL

So the rest of my day was spent driving my son to his girlfriends for a party and doing some shopping and going out to dinner. Nothing spectacular but I did manage to find a second hand store and got a bag O books..... I love my books..... Speaking of that I am signing off to read a bit and finish a couple of reviews before hubby comes upstairs to bug me..... no hockey today. Gotta wait until tomorrow to here me rant, or not if Chicago wins!! :) TTYL

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