Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello to everyone on the day after May two-four

Hey everyone....been a busy few days and today will be no exception.... First and very important.... GO TO YOUR BOOKSTORE AND BUY BAD TO THE BONE TODAY!! Yep the awaited Jeri Smith-Ready sequel to Wicked Game is on your bookshelves today. Please let me know what you think. Jeri is a really nice person and as a member of her street team I would love to give her feedback. Plus the book is killer too..... And you MUST meet Dexter....he is the ultimate vampire animal!!! GGRRRRRRR!!!

Now some other exciting news from over this long weekend here in Canada. I am honored to be getting quoted from one of my recent reviews on the book itself of an up and coming Canadian author in the paranormal. The book is fantastic, very mature and very very excellent!!! The book is from Karen Dales and it is called Angel of Death: Book 1 of the Chosen. Coming out
June 8 2009. Anyone interested in going to her book launch on July 5 let me know and I can get you the deets plus there is a book signing on June 13 if you are in the Toronto area. Wow I am so excited..... I read all the time and just recently took the plunge to start officially reviewing books for Bitten By Books and am having the time of my life.....

Hockey update.....well we gave them the first game each in the conference series' but gonna kick it into high gear starting tonight.....

Well today I am off to check out if Jeri's books made it to my local store and take pics.... then off to rugby.... the boys and I may be doing a video for WWYD4AK2 contest by Christine and Ethan Rose and Bitten By Books..... TTYL

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