Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whats fair is fair right??

OK not too much to go on today but want to talk a bit about the rugby finals my 16 yo played in Sunday night. They dominated the other team which was undefeated, out played them and actually out scored them....why then did they loose??
Well there is one major factor.... they had an ace in th hole. We scored 2 tries that were counted, they scored 3 that were counted..... actual tries scored were us 4 them 2.....
They had one try that was counted as good.... in rugby unlike football you must place the ball anywhere in the end zone... emphasis on place. The kid threw the ball and my son kicked it up then covered it before it touched the ground. NOT a try our ball.... um not according to the powers that be.... 2 of our tries were placed down and in while in a maul. Both times he gave the other team the ball and said we were not in the end. 2 other times we were within 4 feet and he whistled it and gave them the ball. Unfortuantely we had already lost possession of the ball and because of the rules of a maul we should have gotten the ball back.
Now to speak of the ace in their hole..... the ref was a teacher, and rugby coach for said school. Nothing like bringing in a ringer..... I had my sons friends record the entire game and within 5 min there was double digit fouls on the other team not called. At one point right in front of the ref one kid got kicked in the face and another bitch slapped open handed..... there were as my son liked to say too many ball grabbers....LOL enough to say that the game was a farce. They had no chance in any way shape or form.
To make matters worse the boys still do not get to go to OFFSSA which is provincial finals because the teacher who is in charge doesn't want to waste her time and told the boys they were not worth it. Nice teacher eh??? They pick them really good here.

In other events I am just reading and writing, reviews not my book, and not much else. Go to bitten by books and check out todays fun event with Mark Henry the vlog is hilarious


And I have sent several OK 4 videos for the Bitten By Books / Rowan of the Wood Kindle 2 contest.....


Thanks to Diane and Tanya for their help and BTW... I got a cramp in my leg so I had some trouble getting up on the counter...... LOL

Anyway I will be back.... let me know what I can do to make you enjoy this blog more.... tell a friend... Oh and vote on the best paranormal series while you are at BBB

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