Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Would You Do For a Kindle Two?

Hi everyone.... Shell here.... been a busy week trying to get loads of stuff done....Not getting much accomplished but anyway.

First if you have not been to the Bitten By Books Birthday Bash you are an ijiot.....GO NOW..... so many fun events everyday you will not be dissapointed....except me... still want a tote bag!!! Hint hint if anyone is reading that draws the names. LOL
The major event right now is the kindle 2 video event. Well you do not have to make a video but I have done 3 now..... I really want the sucka.... the latest is as we speak loading on youtube. Here are the links....

This is me dancing on the counter after buying a box of Count Chocula.....

This is the event at Bitten By Books
You can leave a comment and still get in the draw.....

And here are some other events Interview and fun with Mark Henry

Now for some other news. I recently made a cyber friend and luckily ended up reviewing her soon to be released debut novel..... Not giving my review or anything away but It was Fricken Awesome... and there is the slight possibilty that my review may find its way on to the cover of her novel..... SWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!
Check the info out here for Karen Dales book Angel of Death : Book One the Chosen....

Well hockey is not going the way I want so I am blocking that thought from my mind....although Chicago did pull off a win the other night.... still hope??

I will be screaming at the rugby finals with my 16 yo playing winger. He will prob play the whole game and we will hopefully get a win.... If not we have a fight on our hands.... The boys qualified with their semi final win for the AAA finals. The teacher that is in charge told them that if they don't win tomorrow they are not allowed to go to the AAA finals even though they are qualified. She has been nothing but a wet towel all year. The coach of the team we are playing tomorrow is also a "good friend" of hers and her coach so I am wondering where her loyalty lies. It is certainly not with these boys who have battled through a rough season only to have her throw in the towel early. I hate when the teachers have their own agenda and it does not include the feelings or welfare of the students she is supposed to be teaching. What does that teach someone to sell them out at this point.

Well I am going to sign off and make some bookmarks..... reading The Immortal Hunter by Lynsay Sands and it is wonderful and fun like the rest of the Argeneau series and then for review I have the new Nina Bangs book Eternal Craving.... another hit!!!

Bye for now and to my American friends please have a safe and happy holiday...... :)

Shell the Hockeyvampiress

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  1. I love your video #3... it was great. P.S. Hockey is going great for me. (born in Michigan and raised with the redwings!!)