Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's new today

Wow if I had a million dollars!!! Today is a high :) day for me as a fan of the paranormal. My wish list for today alone could top over 200 bucks I think if I had to pay full price instead of sale prices. The question is with only 25$ in amazon gift cards what is a girl to do...?

The much awaited Laurell K Hamilton tops the list with Skin Trade.... MMMMMmm Anita and her sexy men are back....
Dakota Cassidy has a new one out called Kiss and Hell..... she is also over at Bitten By Books today...maybe I can win this one and save some dough.... lol
heres the link....


Cheyenne McCray has Demons not Allowed out today. I love her books and this is a new series but of the same species as her Magic series. Loved that series....

Emma Holly has Kissing Midnight a uypr novel

Lara Adrian has another midnight story Ashes to Midnight continues the fantastic series

Alyssa Day is another I have been interested in for a while and she has Atlantis Unleashed today

Yasmine Galenorn has Demon Mistress for release today but I already picked it up last Sat .... I just got into this series and absolutely love it. If you are looking for strong leading lady characters this is your book the D'Artigo sisters are fanfrickentastic. She may be making a stop over at BBB soon so check her out!!

Anya Bast has another Elemental Witch book out called Witch Fury

OOOh almost forgot the Jackie Kessler / Caitlyn Kitteridge Black and White looks good too

And although I am not jumping out to get these ones. I know a lot of People will be interested that there is a new Rachel Caine book out, (shes on my TBR), Mary Janice Davidson, Charlaine Harris, Toni Andrews (another I want to get into)and a few more.....

I hate to look past today but there is the final Drake Sisters book from Christine Feehan coming by the end of the month , an anthology with Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs among others, and sooooooooooo many more.

I am lost in thought at how much this is gonna cost me.... how many I can find at walmart or the grocery store to sneek in with the groceries and how many I can sneek online and use the hubby's credit card for....lol

Well gotta go drool over my list. I know I have missed some and I am truly sorry but still groggy from the sleeping pills last night and just not up to full speed yet. LOL

Let me know if I missed anything good....


  1. Then there's this other really hot novella that was added to your TBR pile recently ;)

    I hear you on all the books that I want to buy - I've been to Chapters twice in two weeks and not walked out with less than six books a visit. Ouch!

  2. See I knew I was missing something important.... I think I found a couple of others too.... I hit the chapters 20% off sale 3 times this weekend... I got hooked on the Yasmine Galenorn series and ended up with all but the last one...but todays release was already on shelf so now only need 1 more... I will let you know what I think about the book but I got the first one not todays right?