Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello to my blog followers. I know I am not the most popular blogger on the planet but I am getting pretty disheartened at not ever getting any comments from anyone..... like ever..... do I suck that bad? Don't answer I know I do.... yes that is a bit harsh even for self critisism but thats my opinion at this point in my life. How the hell do I have over 600 friends on FB and almost the same on Twitter but can't get more than 25 of my amazing "followers" to stop by and comment on my little musings. Do I need some flash and dazzle contest? Do I need a revamp of my blog? Do I need to offer some daily or weekly dose of nekkidness? (I do have the hunk of the day on the bottom of the blog.... scroll down and see).

I am lost as to what to do..... I am open to any ideas..... yeah I am holding my breath ...... waiting..... waiting.... LOL Yeah No idea what to do. Well lets just leave that open and anyone want to jump in and make me an offer I can't refuse.... I am open to offers. I would even give it all up to just join in on the fun on another blog with my same likes..... Henry Cavill and Hockey (Sabres especially) and Vampires.... I know that there are more than just myself who enjoy those activities.... and believe me Henry Cavill loving is a very nIIIIIce activity.

So what is new in my little slice of life. Well, working on some very lovely bookthongs for some amazing authors this week. Had some trouble when a few big orders came in getting the proper beads in to enamel but after talking nicely to the fabric store where I buy them, I am happy to say that I will no longer have that problem in the future. They are very pretty BTW.... and I take orders at any time so please just drop me a line and ask.

My other major news..... I have to find a way to pull through the pain from my chronic shoulder pain and exercise more....and loose some weight. My eating and sleeping problems lately have not helped in this situation and now the Doc has put his foot down. I know my main problem is I eat a lot of grains and breads and I am targeting that as my first priority. Today.... at least up until right now I have had only 2 slices of bread compared to my usual 4-6 by this time in the day. If I can at least keep to that target for the first week I will be happy..... oh and keeping away from the sweets.... I made it a point of making sure the last of my milkdud stash is gone. LOL So..... any ideas I would love to hear them. I need to drop at least 1-2 a week over the next 8 weeks to meet the Docs first target. So.... by my anniversary I need to be down a minimum of 10 pounds. We shall cross our fingers and hope.

I must close now but would love to hear from anyone.... yes anyone on any topic..... I might even blog again this week and tell you all more about my possible trip to see my beloved Sabres take on one of my fave players off Buffalo, Steven Stamkos (have to support the cutie who played for the Sarnia Sting) and also dig in to the whirlwind that being a hockey parent entails when gearing up for his first Draft year.....


  1. OM NOM NOM Henry Cavill.

    What? You put photos of HIM on your blog and expect a sensible comment from me?!

  2. How about a comment from a fellow Canadian from Ontario? Did you get a lot of snow today? We got more snow today than all winter! I don't get many comments on my blog either. I wish I had more time to dedicate to it, but maybe someday. Right now I just do it for me.

  3. Scarlett.... my dearest Scarlett.... did you not think Henry would be here? Nom Nom

    Book Pimp.... following now... we got about 5-6 inches last night.... nothing more yet hoping it is done my yard is a nasty mess.
    Thank you both for commenting.... any ideas will be welcome on any subject!!

  4. Well you could always do like some bloggers do - and post crazy ranting posts that get people all worked up to incite comments -- that would work ;)

    About the weight loss. Unfortunately the thing that does it grains, meats, sweets -- drop those calories. Do a food diary. They have a cool calorie counter for smart phones. It works. You would be amaze at how many calories are in some processed foods and not in breads -- ;)

    And really breads and potatoes all the way - its really the butters and cheeses and sour creams that we slather all over everything.

    I dropped my calories to 1600 a day with 25 fat grams and lost 40 lbs in 2 months. Of course as soon as I started eating like an ass again I gained it back - but hey -- works right.

    Sorry no one is commenting so I thought I would do an extra long comment. I was stalking your book thongs so decided to stalk your blog.

  5. Oh suggestion. Drop the captcha - there is not that much blogger spam out there to warrant it and it turns of some commenters.