Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Prince Charming

What little girl has not dreamed of finding her Prince Charming...... ????? Well what would happen if both Prince Charming and his Cinderella found a chance at happiness over 300 years after they had first found ...... and lost each other. Taking a famous and frequently abused fairy tale and putting her imaginative spin on it, Shiloh Walker has once again found gold. Joining her first Grimm tale Candy Houses is the latest in the Samhain publishing novella series No Prince Charming which releases next Tues Jan 26 2010. This book was amazing.... sexy Grimms (guardian angels), demonic succubi and a love triangle that has the players finding lost love in a sex club. I won the chance to read this book a few days prior to publication and will be tweeting some cool blurbs from the book on Mon and Tues for Shiloh. Watch for the hockeyvampiress tweets to find out more but for now here is a little treat for my followers......

Another memory that didn't fade ? The Memory of the pain in her eyes the day she realized who he was. Her stepsister's fiance.

Watching her walk away had been the hardest thing he'd ever done in his life. To that point.

Since then, his life had been a study of hard lessons. Watching as another man touched this woman was just the latest lesson.

Living a long, empty life without her. Watching her tuwn away from him. Running after her only to find her too late. By the time he'd caught up with her she was forever out of his reach--unless he made a choice.

"The day will come when she will need you. The day will come when she will die without you. But it will not be easy. You will spend a great many years alone..... you may die saving her and even if you don;t, she may never forgive you. What do you for her? Or would you rather die?"

That was the choice he'd been given all those years ago by a strange white haired man who went by the name of Will.

"How can she ever need me again? She is dead. I have failed her." " Things are rarely as they seem. The woman you love is not dead."

Michael closed his eyes, banishing the memories. He couldn't think of the night he'd come face-to-face with Will. Couldn't think about how he had plunged a knife into his own chest either...........

See what I mean..... who wants more of this Prince.... more of his beloved Elle???? Tuesday is your chance to find out more about this pair, how they came to be together and how they survived for over 300 years without contact only to be brought back together to thwart an evil demon.....

Later S.

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