Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogger Helping Out

In your lifetime, there are few moments when you're given the opportunity to directly save another person's life. - Bryan Mealer, HuffPo

If you had a chance to save somebody's life, and it didn't take all that much..... would you do it? Well, here's that chance.

Check out Shiloh Walker's blog for a chance to read how you can help save a man's life.....

Go to Shiloh Walkers blog. Leave a comment. That it. She needs 400 comments and she will make a $400 donation to this cause. Marrion P'Udongo is a hero. He needs help. Go to her blog and give her the support to help out with this cause. While you are there if you are able to help out with a monetary donation there is a prize made of awesome that I would die for but being unemployed I am not able to help that way. This is my way to help.... get the word out and spread it around.... please do not link it to the various "contests" pages.... use your own words, your tweets, your blog or even just a few words. It will help. And Thank you..... from both myself and Shiloh and mostly from a very important man who needs some support.

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