Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making someones day......and giving hope for the future

Today I am not at my peak so I thought about getting a few things done that didn't take too much energy. When it came push to shove, the thing I wanted to get done the most was scratched off the list since I can't find my findings to get further on a book thong order I am working on. So what else, read, write up some reviews? I should do both or either but my brain does not want to wrap around anything today. So here is my meet in the middle compromise..... write a new blog entry... hopefully get my juices flowing so I can work on my reviews and maybe while I am sitting here I can remember where my findings are.

So what to talk about..... today it is an easy jump. The other day my 12 YO came home from school and said.... Mom there is a girl in my class that says there is no way you talk to all these authors and know so many of them. I said to him "Well, what did you tell her?" His reply.... "Well she does and she gets all these signed Arc things all the time."
Laughing I asked well who is this person and which author is it that she likes.
"Its Bailey (his kinda gf) and she likes the tenth grade books"
"Ah that would be Heather Brewer?"
"I don't know.... the one that you have on the car" (my antenna topper is the Vampire Tod symbol ball)
We left it at that and had supper. Sitting in my room I was in the middle of something when I looked at one of my piles of books that had some buttons from RT on it..... sitting there was one of a few Heather Brewer smiley vamp buttons I had snagged. Calling my son up I gave him the button to give his friend the next day.... "She is going to love this mom. Its her favorite author."
The next day after school I asked if he remembered to give it to her.
"Oh yeah she liked it."
"Well what did she say?"
"Oh..... thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou....."
I smile and say well I am glad. He smiles and leaves the room blushing with rosey cheeks.

So with that little "glad I made someones day" moment I remembered back to the first week in January. We were at same sons cadet Christmas dinner which had been postponed due to the massive storm we had in Dec. Sitting across from me was a teenaged girl who was kinda sullen about coming out to the dinner with her dad, bro and grandma. There was a halo around her that said stay away.... I don't want to be here and don't want anyone to notice me. Here was several boys she was crushing on and she had to sit there and take the teasing that was going on around her since she was not a part of the group. Well as it turns out, her father and I grew up hanging around each other so our little anecdotes and conversation slowly turned her head away from the boys and into our conversation. Turns out she is a want to be writer. In fact she loves the paranormal and tends to go towards the dark stuff. Her first question to me when I tell her that I am a reviewer???? "So what is your opinion on the Twilight books?"

Ah, knew this was coming.... it always does. Debating whether to say what I truly felt or give it a little softening, I decided to say what I thought and see what she had to say.

"Well, I liked the books, but they were not even close to the best of the genre and the portrayal on the big screen left much to be desired."

Holding my breath to see her reaction. She got a big grin on her face and countered with "Wow. That is the truth. I thought the same thing." LOL I sat there and let the relief surround me. I don't want to be the catalyst that discourages young people to stray from what they want to do but with a teen and that dicey subject it is hard not to be honest and get grief from most that you talk to about it. After that ice breaker she was a non stop dynamo. There was no option to continue talking to her dad.... she asked me question after question and really listened to the advice I gave her about following her dreams and her plans to continue writing whatever she wants. I also reminded her to keep her works.... looking back some day those grade 6 essays that the teacher deemed too dark might be the start of a thesis in college that leads to a promising career. We ended the night with everyone getting involved in their gift exchange and our little conversation forgotten. The one thing that was different though..... this young girl glowed with self worth.... and she confidently came up to me as we were leaving and said..... "Guess what.... I got two email addy's from two boys and three asked for mine.... Don't tell dad".

Oh my .... I think I created a monster... LOL

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