Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey blogworld. Been a while, I know I should make this my go too every day or at least every week but I am not happy with what I have going on here and want to make a change. That would be fine but with no income I am totally hogtied.

So why did I decide to stop by tonight and grace everyone with a blog post...... I don't really know why to tell the truth. And if I am really honest maybe this isn't the best time to post a new blog while I am in the middle of watching a Buffalo Pittsburgh game. I am a biiiiiig hockey fan and love my Sabres but there are a handful of teams I cannot stand. Anyone who has friended my on FB or Twitter know I am very much anti-Pittsburg professional teams. The PENGUINS at the top of the list but the Steelers a close second. But.... I will try to ignore the current score and the biased announcers who do not have a frekkin clue and continue on.

This week has finally given me a few highs. Something that I have been missing lately. First I won the monthly contest for pumpin out 23 reviews last month then the same day I found out I won a contest by the very special Joanne Kenrick. She had a contest all month for those who supported her new book (Which I gave a 4 1/2 out of 5) When a Mullo Loves a Woman. So with those wins I was close enough to pick out a new ereader. Mine, if anyone remembers was bought last Christmas, was a joyous occasion but soon turned to irritation when the battery caused recurring problems. Even after sending it in at the end of the warranty to get fixed it came back the same. So now unless I want to use it wired into the wall I can get about 2 hours out of it tops, and that is if I don't use the touch screen or Goddess forbid use the notebook features. So I bobbled back between getting a kindle or a cruz tablet. I was told not to get a certain type of touch screen and the lower end cruz was one of those. I then checked out the 301 Cruz tablet Android and decided to jump in and go for it. It was on sale too and only $40 bucks more than the kindle it is full colour and is loaded with the kindle app and I can use my pdfs too.

To polish off that day, my good friend Marnie sent me an old blackberry to use along with an extra autographed Gena Showalter book and I won an autographed book from Katie MacAlister. So whoot to the hoot. I am on top of the world. Then today, my son finally decided that he would give me some cash to order some books for my Christmas present. (I won't get into it but Christmas this year was harsh.... I only got to open one gift, and it was something I probably will never use or wear but that is all behind me now... :( ) So happy happy, with the money and about another tenner, I ordered 10 books from the Book Depository ending my book buying drought. LOL

So what else have I been doing....... stalking NHLers or rather ex NHLers at my sons hockey tournament seemed to be my most exciting highlight of late. My son played in a major International Silver Stick and played against several ex NHLer's sons. Their team is a lower ranked team (46 in Ontario 64 in Canada) but they held their own against the top teams in North America. Now it is time to get his stuff in gear for summer hockey. Last summer he competed for Team Ontario in the State Wars Inline tournament and this summer we are hoping to find a competitive team for him to do some tournaments as well. On top of that next year is draft year and there are scouts out at almost every game. Was a good moment to hear that the scout at last weeks game was only interested in him.... especially when they had a bad loss and he got kicked out with half a period left over.... yep the boy has his momma's temper. LOL

Well it is time to head out. I plan on making one extra post that I will add separately. My fave author Shiloh Walker is one author that tells it like it is and puts her heart on her sleeve when it comes to supporting those in need. Right now there is a hero who needs everyones help. Being unemployed I am not in the position, no matter how tempting the prize, to put money to the cause but I would love any of my few followers to check out her blog and do what they can do. Thank you for that BTW..... tell her your opinions and make your comment count.

Oh yeah..... Go Sabres Go..... down by one right now so it is still anyones game. And lets GO STING tomorrow.... we need to get back into the game and show Chatham that Monday was a fluke... Oh and I might as well add...... GO GREEN AND GOLD..... Lets go Packers..... :)

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